Copperhead snake bites Columbia County teacher

News 12 First at Five/ May 24, 2012

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga.--A Columbia County teacher is out of the hospital after being bitten by a copperhead snake last week at Riverside Elementary School.

The teacher was leading students to field day when she picked up the venomous snake in her path.

We're told the teacher is doing fine now and was able to finish the school year with her students. But, the accident could have been much worse

Doctors say some venomous snake bites can result in loss of limbs if not treated quickly.

With summer around the corner, experts say there may be many more snake sightings.

Snake rescuer and pet owner Kristina Chartrand says, "This year, I think it's gonna be really bad because we've already seen an increase in the bugs, so there's gonna be an increase in the rodents, which is gonna lead to an increase in the snakes being out.

This year they've started coming out earlier than we've seen them."

Unusual animals such as hairless rats, bearded dragons, and snakes are Kristina's specialty.

Her best advice to those who come across snakes in the wild: "Just leave 'em alone. Let them go about their business and that's pretty much it. Just leave them alone. That's the biggest thing."

Kristina says bites can be prevented as long as snakes are left alone, because "They're not out to get you, they're just trying to survive like anything else."

Even if snakes aren't out to bite people, it still happens, so it's good to beware of dangerous snakes.

Kristina warns, "Most venomous snakes are gonna have a point to their head. It's gonna be a diamond shape."

She also advises to go the emergency room no matter what kind of snake bites, just to be on the safe side.

And, since snakes help to keep down the rodent and insect population, experts say killing the unwanted guest is a bad idea.

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