Students stay active while playing it safe

By: Adam Clark, Meteorologist
By: Adam Clark, Meteorologist

August 18, 2006

Before the days of air-conditioned classrooms, students had to deal with the heat the first weeks of school.

Back then they started in September, instead of early-to-mid August.

Meteorologist Adam Clark tells us how modern kids are staying active while playing it safe.

It's August and it's hot, but kids need their exercise. At Euchee Creek Elementary they closely monitor the heat index.

"We check our heat index all day long, we get constant weather statements. My nurse is the one that checks on that," says principal Wanda Golosky.

So if it's too hot outside for recess and for PE class they bring the activity inside. And that's where I suited up for a pretty cool game.

"The way you play Bridges and Trolls is, we have an area that's a bridge and the troll is going to be out on the bridge and try to tag each of the students so the bottom half of the students turns to stone, and then they try to tag other people as they stand there," the PE coach explained.

As you might have guessed, I got to be the troll.

I wasn't very good at it, but I had fun and so did the kids...and it was all inside.

But when the kids go out...

"Teachers make sure they are hydrated before they go out, and then when they come back in they have another water break," says Principal Golosky.

Since schools are starting earlier and earlier, they have to play it safe when it comes to dealing with the summer heat.

Since PE classes are longer than recess, class is held inside until late September or early October. When the weather cools off, class resumes outside.

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