Panic Buttons in Schools

By: Kate Tillotson
By: Kate Tillotson

November 10, 2005
They’re called panic buttons and their purpose is to prevent panics in Georgia’s classrooms. News 12 is on your side with how these buttons could soon make your child a whole lot safer.

Tamiko Ferrell feels good knowing her residents feel safe, thanks to a new feature at these ASU apartments.

“Once the panic button is pushed, it actually alerts the alarm company,” said Tamiko Ferrell, Director of ASU Housing.

It may not look like much, but this tiny technology is popping up in schools statewide, the idea of help is just an arm’s reach away.

“That’s a great idea considering what’s going on in the world today,” said Tennille Frights, ASU freshman.

“It could definitely be a benefit for any classroom as well as complexes,” Ferrell said.

It’s why the Richmond County Board of Education wants all its teachers and students to have access to one, a panic button, or an easy way to call for help.

“It’s a big safety issue, being able to communicate with an officer if you have a problem in the classroom,” said Superintendent Dr. Charles Larke.

But as it stands, only half of the county’s classrooms have one. That’s because they were installed during SPLOST 2. Larke says there’s no money to purchase the other half so he’ll have to wait until next November and ultimately rely on voters.

“Yeah, when you look at the remaining classrooms you’re looking at over a million dollars. We don’t have that in this current budget, so we thought we could incorporate that into SPLOST 3,” Larke said.

Ferrell knows there’s no price tag too high for a peace of mind.

“Any time you’re dealing with security of students, making sure your students are safe, it’s worth it,” Ferrell said.

And something worth having, says this student.

“No, I haven’t had to use it yet, but I know that it’s there in case I do need to use it,” Frights said.

Eighteen elementary schools, five middle schools, and six high schools are currently without panic buttons.

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