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UPDATE| OYS: Cleaning up the community for new businesses and residents

Updated: 05/17/2016 - Eyesores and health hazards hidden behind broken glass and others in plain view. Some with the City of Augusta worry the filth could spill into your neighborhood if not cleaned up soon. Dozens of men and women in uniform walked the streets in a community initiative to clean up Augusta.

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OYS: Help for people with PTSD and other mental illnesses

Updated: 05/17/2016 - We're learning the suspect involved in the standoff struggles with PTSD. A police report says 27-year-old Randall Seaton became upset when he learned his friend died. The standoff started around 5:30 Sunday night. His ex-girlfriend called Columbia County deputies when he told her he was not afraid to die, and that he would shoot any police that came to the house. Deputies say Seaton is an ex-military member.

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OYS: Think before you swipe

Updated: 05/17/2016 - Debit card vs. credit card? Which is better? Using a debit card is a great way to track spending and to keep from going into debt, but it also can be risky. There are some places to avoid when using a debit card.

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OYS: Handicap patrons complain about Bell Auditorium

Updated: 05/17/2016 - A concert attendee believes a local venue needs to be updated for patrons in wheelchairs. Patrice Smith enjoys live music but not at the Bell Auditorium. She says the handicap seats are not elevated so she can't see once the concert starts and people stand.

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OYS| People's info hijacked and held for ransom

Updated: 05/17/2016 - How many of us store banking information, personal photos, and even social security numbers on our personal computers? Imagine if someone stole that information. Would you pay to get it back? That's a question some in our area are now asking themselves, and you could too if you aren't careful. A number of local people and businesses are becoming victim to ransomware.

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OYS| New neighborhoods missing standard mailboxes

Updated: 05/17/2016 - Folks moving into new developments in Grovetown, as well as other towns, may notice something missing outside of their new homes. The U.S. Postal Service is cracking down on individual mailboxes in new neighborhoods. They want new developments to put in cluster boxes instead of standard mailboxes.

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OYS: How to fight off a bill collector

Updated: 05/17/2016 - You may not think you're on the list for bill collectors to go after, but one missed payment could put you there. However, you have rights even if you do owe money.

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OYS: School fails to contact parents when students are hours late home

Updated: 05/17/2016 - Parents are turning to On Your Side after forty-five Richmond County School bus routes were without a driver. School district officials said more than a dozen bus drivers called out Friday which meant some students didn't get home until dinner time and parents had no idea.

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OYS: Deputies, BBB, and State agencies look into complaints against AutoSource

Updated: 05/17/2016 - Investigators with the McDuffie County Sheriff's Office are asking consumers across the country who have done business with a local used car dealership to contact them. On Your Side first told you about the complaints surrounding AutoSource Unlimited two years ago. Now the Sheriff's Office, Better Business Bureau and two state agencies are looking into the used car dealership.

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OYS: Don't be like Bill, seriously don't

Updated: 05/17/2016 - Don't be like Bill, seriously, that's the warning from the Better Business Bureau. You may have noticed your Facebook timeline filling up with a picture of a stick figure, where people can change their names and it creates a message for them. Well those, and the quizzes you take, could open the door to your banking and personal information being released.

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OYS: Bullying Packets for parents

Updated: 05/17/2016 - Parents can begin an investigation into alleged cases of bullying/harassment by requesting a bullying packet from their child's school.

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OYS: IRS impersonators targeting folks in Augusta

Updated: 05/17/2016 - A furious mother turned the tables on a scam artist. She didn't fall for his tricks but the Better Business Bureau warns more folks in the CSRA are getting calls from people impersonating the IRS.

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