News 12 On Your Side: 12 on 12 Consumer "Must Knows"

By: Elizabeth Owens Email
By: Elizabeth Owens Email


1. Shipping Order Arrived Late: Federal Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Trade Regulation Rules requires stores to ship Internet orders within 30 days. If the store promises an earlier deadline, then it must meet it. The clock begins running once merchant receives order information.

2. Grocery Store Sold Out of Advertised Sale Item: Retail Food Store requires grocers to provide rain checks or substitute with a similar item. This only applies to food stores.

3. Store Cites "Health Rules" Prohibit Returns: There are no federal laws that prohibit the return of items like earrings, underwear, and bathing suits. However, merchants can enforce their own policies in regards to such items.

4. Sticker Price Doesn't Match Register Price: It's a myth that retailers have to honor sticker price. However, some stores may have adopted their own policy regarding sticker prices.

5. Appliance Dies after Manufacturer Warranty Expires: Under The Uniform Commercial Code, products do come with a so-called implied warranty of product. This is an unwritten promise purchase will perform as commonly expected. Usually implied warranties last about four years.

6. Salesperson's Promise Doesn't Ring True: A salesperson promises that a lawn mower can handle 50 pastures a day but you find out that is not true. This would be a breach of another implied warranty: that of fitness for a particular purpose.

7. Store Won't Accept Return: Each store is allowed to adopt any return policy, but it should be posted in plain view at the point of sale.

8. Store Says You Pay For Shipping Even With Warranty: If you have a full warranty instead of a limited one then you cannot be charged for shipping. Consumer Reports states that "you should expect to get what you paid for without paying additional costs."

9. Definition Lifetime Warranty: There is general legal definition of lifetime warranty. Even if parts are no longer available the store should still offer to repair or provide a replacement.

10. Manufacture Doesn't Honor Warranty Because You Didn't Use Specific Sub Product: Manfucatures cannot require you to use certain sub products to support their product/ For example, a vacuum cleaner manufacture can't require you to use their name brand bags. Consumer Reports states "Federal law prevents you from being tied in to using any particular parts or services as a condition to maintaining your warranty coverage."

11. Store Closes After You Pay Deposit: You can contest the charges on your credit card. If you made a cash deposit then you can take legal action but that can be timely.

12: Credit-Card Chargebacks: You can contest credit card charges if there is a problem with the merchandise or if the amount was unauthorized. You have a year from statement date to make the claim.

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