On Your Side: Funny Money

By: Ryan Duffy
By: Ryan Duffy

Counterfeit cash can be hard to spot.

But money right from the bank should be safe, right?

As 12 On Your Side's Ryan Duffy shows...maybe not.

With an outbreak of counterfeiting in the area in the last few weeks, you have to be on guard.

But even at the bank?

Bet Cain took out a few hundred-dollar bills from her bank for a trip.

When she returned she went to put back what she hadn't spent at the same bank.

But that's when the teller told her one of the bills was funny money.

"I didn't know what to think, other than they gave it to me. If you can't trust your bank...I gave them my money, it's safe with them. I expect their money to be good when I get it back."

But the bank wouldn't give her a new bill, and she was out a hundred dollars.

Now she's bought two counterfeit detecting markers to check every bill she gets.

She found out the hard way it's the customer's responsibility.

"Don't be afraid to hold that bill up to the light and see it's real when you get it back from the teller or restaurant," says Sgt. David Turno of Aiken Public Safety. "Because if it's fake and you leave the store, you're out the money."

In fact, Sgt. Turno says in the last few weeks someone has been passing counterfeit $20 bills around Aiken.

But you can tell they're fakes if you look carefully. The fake 20's don't have the security strips or watermarks embedded in the paper.

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