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Tenant: Raw sewage leaking everywhere, "you can hear the squish, squash"

Updated: 01/23/2015 - A woman is accusing her property manager of failing to correct a plumbing problem that has now caused raw sewage to overflow in her apartment. The problem got so bad this week, Richmond County Code Enforcement inspectors ordered two apartments in the complex to be evacuated.

12 OYS: Recent divorcee loses $5,000 in online dating and check scam

Updated: 01/21/2015 - It may not be a whole lot of money in waiting tables, but an Aiken County mother may have to work even harder to pay off a huge debt. She said she was scammed in an online dating site, after trusting someone who ended up faking her out with a fake check.

12 OYS: Father loses job over speeding ticket paid 17 years ago

Updated: 01/20/2015 - An Aiken County man thought he paid the price for having a lead foot, that led him to get a speeding ticket nearly 20-years ago. Instead that old ticket cost him a job. We took to a road trip to smooth out this traffic ticket mix up.

Report: 2nd grader brings .22 caliber bullets to class; on school bus

Updated: 01/16/2015 - If you are a parent, you do everything to keep your child safe. But an Augusta mother said she felt helpless, after she found bullets in her son''s backpack. She called Monte Sano Elementary School after finding about a dozen bullets in her 7 year-old's backpack. Now an investigation is underway into what happened.

12 OYS: Teacher accused of telling students "God is not real", says father

Updated: 01/15/2015 - Kids hear all sorts of things at school. That is no surprise to any parent. But what did surprise a Richmond County father is what his daughter said she heard from a teacher. The dad said he complained to the school system for a month through e-mails and phone calls. Finally he called 12 On Your Side.

12 OYS: Chemical left on school toilet bowl burns child's buttocks, says mom

Updated: 01/14/2015 - An Aiken County mother said her pre-k daughter is afraid to use the bathroom after burning part of her body on a school toilet. The school admits cleaning chemicals are to blame, and this is one of at least half a dozen cases reported in the last three days. News 12 started asking questions, and now changes are coming involving safety in facilities your child uses every day.

12 OYS: Landlord with "habitual violations" accused by family of contributing to fire

Updated: 01/09/2015 - There is not much left of a Richmond County home. Fire and smoke damage destroyed a large part of it after the family inside tried to keep warm. The culprit? A space heater. But the family feels there is another culprit. That culprit they said is the landlord who rented them a home, knowing the heating system did not work. After complaining several times to the landlord, they turned to code enforcement and then 12 On Your Side. We uncovered a long history of complaints against the landlord.

12 OYS: Grieving widow declared dead too, after social security error

Updated: 01/02/2015 - A simple mistake created big problems for a widow after her husband died. It turns out not only is he dead, but government documents show she has been declared dead too. But after 12 On Your Side started investigating, the woman will be getting her benefits back.

12 OYS: Exterminator moonlighting as handyman, fired

Updated: 12/30/2014 - She wanted to make some changes to her home, but a 76 year-old could not do it by herself. So, Virginia Hurd hired a man to make some upgrades to her home. That contractor said he was trying to make some extra money on the side. When Hurd said he failed to do the work, she called 12 On Your Side.

12 OYS: Avoiding Christmas gift return and exchange hassles

Updated: 12/26/2014 - Christmas may be over, but the after-Christmas sales are just beginning. While some shoppers are saving, others are saving themselves from an unwanted gift. But returns can be a hassle and a headache, if you do not know a store's return policy ahead of time.

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