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Tips for job seekers

First at Five/Thursday, November 4, 2010

MONETTA, S.C.---In today's economy, people are looking for any edge they can find to land a new job. Some students and grown-ups learned important lessons for finding work at Ridge Spring-Monetta High School. Jobs and the economy--that's what the school focused on. The school held a job fair for not only students, but for that entire area.

Students and those with years of experience are looking for opportunities. During a time when there are few jobs and they're learning education and training are the keys. Ashley Soliz went to the job fair to practice her interviewing skills and see what opportunities are out there. "Well since im a senior, it's very important. I'm about to go to college...about to go to the real world. I have to start supporting myself so this is a great opportunity," says Soliz. With the curent state of the job market, Ashley is concerned about finding a job by the time she graduates. "If I can't get a job right now and I'm in high school imagine how it's going to be when I try to get a job in the city with lots more people," she says. Joseph Harris understands how rough the market is--he didn't believe it would take this long to find a job. "I've been out of work for a year--they just want more experience."

Principal Mason Cummings believes people should get as much education as possbile. He suggests going to local schools to find out what businesses are looking for. "It's important that we realize that the schools and the business communities are working together. The businesses that are hiring folks are talking to the schools," Cummings says. HR Generalist Trena Merriweather says business jobs are changing. "A lot of them are going to have to travel outside of the area--some of them will have to change up their job skills," Merriweather says. Ashley remains positive about her job search. "You just have to have confidence in all you do because if you don't have confidence I dont think it's going to take you anywhere."

Both she and John hope to get some luck soon and land a job. These days, employers want to see people apply for jobs online. So you can get familiar with the company by looking at their website and then apply. If you're applying, a follow-up phone call can help too. Other traits that employers say that stand out are determination, preparation and the desire to really want to work.

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