UPDATE: Disabled war veteran reunited with dog with help from good Samaritan

Jimmy Howie

After the News 12 coverage on Saturday, an overwhelming number of you offered to help Jimmy Howie get his dog back. (WRDW-TV / June 25, 2012)


News 12 First at Five / Monday, June 25, 2012

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- A veteran is now reunited with his dog after an outpouring of support from news 12 viewers.

North Augusta gave Jimmy Howie three days to pay hundreds of dollars in fees. The disabled veteran was concerned he might lose his puppy.

But after dozens of phone calls and emails from News 12 viewers, the dog was rescued, and it was a reunion that couldn't come fast enough for Howie.

"I mean the little dog was scared to death, he was shaking like a leaf. I took him in my lap and held him and calmed him down," Howie said.

North Augusta Animal Control left a note on the disabled veteran's door Thursday.

It told Howie he had three days to pay cash for all of the dog's shots, microchipping and pound fees, or it would be "disposed of."

After the News 12 coverage on Saturday, an overwhelming number of you offered to help Howie get his dog back.

"I had a dozen people call me that had interest in helping me," he said.

A good Samaritan volunteered to help out the veteran today, but she wanted to remain anonymous.

"She has really gone out of her way to help me," he said.

And the process to retrieve the pup wasn't an easy one.

"She came over, and she went and got all the documents and paperwork, then she picked me up and took me over to get the dog. And it was just really, really nice," Howie said.

But she didn't stop there. She took Howie and Shottie to the vet, paying for all of his shots, microchipping and even flea control.

"There's a lot of good people in this world, and she's just one of them," Howie said.

Howie wanted to thank everyone who called and tried to help. He says some of you couldn't even get through because his phone was so busy.

Initial report:

News 12 at 6 o'clock / Saturday, June 23, 2012

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- Jimmy Howie served 10 years in the military but is now confined to his bed.

One of the only pleasures he has left is his dog, but now, due to strict pet control law in North Augusta, he may lose that, too.

"He would sit at the foot of my bed right beside my feet, and I'd feed him every morning, that was the first deal of the day," Howie said.

His home is a lot lonelier now without his dog, Shottie.

"He was a gorgeous little husky. He's really a lovely dog," Howie said.

A beautiful dog who had become a companion to the bed-ridden war veteran.

"The dog stays right here beside my bed most of the time," said Howie, but Thursday, the dog escaped out of his back door.

The North Augusta dog catcher found him.

"I'm cripple, and they put the note on my door, and I just had to go to the bathroom, that's the only reason I found the note," he said.

The note said he had three days to pay cash for all of the dog's shots, microchipping and fees from the pound or the dog "would be disposed of."

"$25 for first day and $10 a day for each day he's there," Howie said.

Money that is hard to come by on a fixed income.

'"I didn't have the money to pay to get the tags and little chip that goes in him ... I was waiting on this payday, I live on Social Security, so I was waiting for the money to pay to have this done," he said.

The microchipping and rabies vaccinations are required by South Carolina law, but the time frame is usually longer than three days. North Augusta has one of the stricter laws in the area. In Aiken, a pet owner has five days to claim their pet, unless the animal is identifiable by a tag or a microchip. The owner has 10 days in that case.

After we ran this story, we received dozens of calls from viewers wanting to help Howie pay the fees. He hopes to retrieve Shottie on Monday. We'll keep you updated on this story.

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