Your dog and Thanksgiving can mean "Turkey Trouble"!


Tarzana, CA, Nov. 10, 2006 - Thanksgiving is a happy time, bringing the opportunity to reunite with family and friends. It also brings a time to be thankful for all the wonderful things in our lives. But during the hustle and bustle of making travel arrangements, preparing the home for visitors, and cooking delicious food, make sure you don't forget to keep your dog companions safe and healthy! Here are a few things to remember about holidays and your dog:

Dogs have an acute sense of smell, so they know where your food is. Make sure you keep your food (leftovers, desserts, and your turkey that you just prepared) away from your dog, or keep your dog away from your food.

Bones can be very unhealthy for your dog. Turkey and chicken bones can splinter and may cause internal bleeding, choking, or other problems.

Wrap leftovers safely and put them away as soon as possible. But remember to dispose of foil and plastic wraps properly. If they lick it, they may end up swallowing it too creating stomach problems.

When you throw away your food, make sure your trash cans are secured properly. You may consider placing something heavy on the lid to prevent your pets and wild critters from getting inside.

If you are attending holiday parades or celebrations, you may want to leave your pets at home. They can get stressed or possibly become lost during the excitement.

Resist giving them too many new foods as they can cause abdominal discomfort. Consider alternative way to include your pets in the food fun by adding a small portion of white turkey meat or some broth to your pet's food.

Some sugar-free products may contain xylitol which can be fatal to your dog. A report in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association warns of the possible link between the sugar substitute, and liver failure.

Have your dog's registration current and identification tags on at all times. As guest come and go, they may wander off in the excitement. Always have phone numbers available for your pet's veterinarian as well as a 24 hour emergency clinic.

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