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People working outdoors show their tricks of the trade on staying cool

landfill worker in vehicle

Workers shared their tips for working in extreme heat conditions. (June 16, 2011 / WRDW-TV)

News 12 This Morning / Thursday June 16, 2011

AUGUSTA , Ga. --- The rain certainly brings some relief from the scorching temperatures we've had, but we face triple digits again by this weekend. For people who have to work outside, the conditions can be brutal.

Jessie Tremble, a senior technician at the Richmond County landfill, told News 12, "People wouldn't even think about doing this job. You ask yourself sometime, 'why did I become a tech?"

For Tremble there is no escape from scorching heat. "Really, really miserable, hot, sticky, dusty and trucks are rolling around here all the time," he said.

The Richmond County landfill is his office where he takes care of machines and maintains overheated equipment. "Out here you work. Everything is hands on physical. You can't get around heat, you can't get around the dust," Tremble added.

Perry Fogle, who is the operations manager at the landfill, says "I have bandannas and neck ties that I soak them in water. Keep them around my neck. I've even poured ice water in my hat to put it back on."

"A good rule of thumb is to drink water an hour or two before you go to work," said Beth Barranco, a registered nurse at University Hospital.

They say on average you need to drink 64 ounces of water. That's four 16 oz. water bottles.If you're working outside they recommend doubling, sometimes even tripling that to 16 to 24 bottles.

"Your blood vessels become very dilated and you have more blood flow than fluid in your vessels," Barranco said.

Not replenishing your fluids will make it harder for the blood to move through your body. "It really taxes your body, makes you more tired at night," said Fogle.

For Jessie, who doesn't have a choice, but to work out in the heat as the dust rises up and the heat of the engines heat him up even more, he says he'll be taking plenty of water breaks

Drinking water is best. Try to avoid caffeinated beverages which will dehydrate you faster.

If you feel light headed, weak or have muscle cramps get in some shade and drink a beverage like Gatorade. If you stop sweating that can be a bad sign.Your body temperature can rise which can become dangerous.

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