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Two nurses share their stories from the past two decades during National Nurses Week

Pam and Kate

Nurses Pam Favro and Kate Ferguson. (May 10, 2011 / WRDW-TV)

News 12 This Morning at 6 o'clock / Wednesday, May 11, 2011

AUGUSTA, Ga. --- Hundreds of nurses in Augusta take care of patients around the clock. This week hospitals like MCG are taking the time to appreciate and honor the care they provide during National Nurses Week.

If you've ever visited the ER or had to sit with your child in the waiting room, you know how comforting nurses can be. At MCG's Pediatric Cancer Treatment Center that's even more crucial for the young patients.

For the past 20 years registered nurses Pam and Kate have prepped for their day together at MCG's Pediatric Cancer Center. "Kate was here before I came," said Pam Favro. "She gave me a lot of guidance when I came here. Taught me a lot of things."

"We think alike, anticipate each others needs," explained Kate Ferguson.

Their days can be long, tough and emotionally draining. For Pam and Kate it's all about team work, as one holds a patient's hand and the other gives the medicine. The day we visited, six-month-old Jayden Saxon came in for chemo treatment. A scary process for any child and parent to go through.

"Every time we are here Pam and Kate are here. They are wonderful." said Amber Saxon. "They show me how to do things I haven't done to make me feel at ease."

"Some may be here for counts, some are here for chemo. You have to learn to prioritize," said Pam.

Kate added, "They come in and may not want to be here. The kids really do give us a lot of energy and keep us going."

Some children even prefer Pam and Kate over other nurses. Our own News 12 photographer Thomas Wilson remembers his two favorite nurses helping him through his cancer treatment. "One time I had to get my chemo port stuck. The nurse kept missing, three or four times. I was just fed up, looked at my mom and said, 'I just want Pam and Kate. They know how to stick this thing,'" Thomas shared.

"I remember when I first started working here, there was a little boy. He had just gotten his central line. I asked him, 'How do you like your new broviac?' He said, 'Just fine. How do you like yours?'" said Kate.

They have endless stories to share. It's their energy and perky personalities they've developed through the years that's helped them both connect with young patients for the past two decades.

MCG has events planned throughout the week to honor nurses like Pam and Kate. Today they plan to honor nurses with advanced certifications and those who have won awards in the past year. To wrap up the week they'll have a gala Thursday night to highlight the dedication nurses show.

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