Experts share ways to avoid New Year's Day hangovers

Hangover cures

While there is no cure-all drug that can help you with your hangover, experts have some advice on what to do to ease your pain. (WRDW-TV / Dec. 29, 2011)

News 12 at 6 o'clock / Thursday, Dec. 29, 2011

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Champagne, beer, vodka. They're all different choices that could yield the same result, especially if you have as many drinks as there are choices of drinks.

Everyone seems to have their own hangover cure -- like drink pickle juice -- or a Bloody Mary. Some swear Waffle House is a good bet. But experts say, none of the above.

Pranav Patel manages Harrison's Liquor Store in Augusta, and over the years -- he's heard it all when it comes to hang-overs.

"Make sure you eat plenty of food before you start drinking and don't mix two different alcohols together," Patel said.

And those are the ones he says actually work.

But Augusta alcohol distributor, Willie Meicei, isn't sold on any of them.

"The only thing I know for sure is that all of them I've heard, they never seem to work," Meicei told News 12.

So, we caught up with Johanna Whisenhunt at Doctors Hospital to get the best advice for avoiding that unfortunate New Year's Day tradition for a lot of people.

"As dieticians always say, moderation is the key," Whisenhunt said.

And that means only a couple of drinks in a day. But if you break that rule, there are some things that could help.

"I would definitely recommend having at least some sort of snack, heavy hors d'oeuvres at the party while you're having drinks," Whisenhunt said. "If you can, alternate having an alcoholic drink with a non-alcoholic one."

As for those over the counter medicines that claim to prevent hangovers, Whisenhunt says they might do more harm than good.

"It is possible to have toxicity with vitamins, too," she said. "We think of them as healthy, but too much of a good thing, isn't necessarily good for you. "

Some of those drugs like "Hangover Cure," come packed with 20,000% of your daily vitamin intake, and they can have a ton of caffeine, which Whisenhunt says is no good for a hangover.

"If you drink too much caffeine the next day, it could actually make the problem worse because the alcohol is dehydrating you in the first place," she said.

So your best bet to avoid a hangover?

Whisenhunt says not to drink in the first place, but liquor store owners and distributors aren't counting on that.

Time really is the only cure, but here are some do's and don'ts to help you through a morning after a night of too much fun:

-Drink plenty of water.
-Get lots of sleep.
-Eat a light meal.

-Don't try to sweat it out, your body is already dehydrated.
-Don't take Ibuprofen or Aspirin because it may cause your stomach to bleed if you're a regular drinker.
Don't eat greasy foods.
-Don't have another drink the morning after, it will just delay your hangover.

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