Barnwell woman recovering from severe injuries after DUI golf cart crash

News 12 at 6 o' clock/ November 15, 2013

BARNWELL, S.C.--Working at the fair was a dream come true for Kelley Sweat, a small town girl from Barnwell.

She says, "It was my childhood dream. You see all those lights, and you're a kid, and it just makes you so happy."

She got a job this past winter with a traveling fair, but a terrible accident a few months ago at a stop in Pennsylvania changed her life forever.

She says, "We're walking back almost to our bunk, and I see a guy come through two parked trucks in the golf cart. He hits one truck then hits the other."

The golf cart was coming straight for Kelley and her fiance, and wasn't slowing down.

"I saw the bone sticking out of my arm, and I scream-- the whole time I'm telling myself don't pass out Kelly if you pass out it might not be good

The fair worker driving the golf cart was charged with DUI, but for Kelley, the past few months have been a living hell.

She says, "They kept having to cut away to the point where now I have one muscle, one tendon, one artery in my arm, and that's all I have."

They had to take skin grafts from her leg to transplant onto her arm, leaving both disfigured. .

"It's really grotesque and going out in public is really hard," she says.

She has applied for Medicaid, but in the meantime, while she can't work, the medical bills are piling up.

"The infection medicine they sent me was only a 28 day supply, and it was almost $1000."

She's filed a lawsuit against her old employers, but it could be years before she ever sees a dime from that lawsuit to help pay her medical bills. She is supposed to schedule a crucial surgery soon, but she isn't sure how to pay for it.

"Because I don't have any insurance, they want the money up front, and it's going to about a $40,000 surgery," she says.

This is a link to a fundraising site for Kelley:

Doctors have told her the longer she waits for the next surgery, the less mobility she will get back in that arm.

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