Augustans line up for the PlayStation 3

By: Kate Tillotson
By: Kate Tillotson

November 16, 2006

Die-hard gamers were out in full force tonight, hoping to be the first to get their hands on the newest video game system to hit shelves since last year's Xbox 360.

Not everyone's eager to play fact, some are more eager to resell it.

You couldn't miss seeing the tents pitched outside Circuit City and Best Buy.

"Well actually I'm off Wednesday and Thursday so I didn't have no problem waiting to get PS3," said gamer Michael Williamson.

But not everyone's as lucky.

"How long have you been here?" we asked Chris Jarrett.

"26, 27 hours."

In fact a lot of these gamers took time off work - even from school - to be the first to pay $600 for the PlayStation 3.

"Oh, we got food, we got laptops with movies, we got pigskin, we livin' it up out here," said Tony Hanks, camped out at Circuit City. "We're doing alright. I slept on an air mattress last night - best sleep I got in a while."

And he'll need it.

Tony and his ten friends have big plans for their purchases: to resell Sony's product on eBay and potentially make twice, even three times, what they paid.

"This is probably the best paycheck I'll ever make," he said.

They're so serious, in fact, they've unofficially reserved the ten PlayStations Circuit City has in stock.

News 12: "So you have no intention of actually playing this?"

Tony: "No, I don't. I already have Xbox so I don't need to play it."

News 12: "You're thinking of getting over a thousand dollars profit?"

Tony: "At least, yeah."

So whether it's for profit, for Christmas, or just for themselves, dozens of die-hard gamers are in line for the first look.

As you saw in this story, this is not a game to a lot of people--it's actually a pretty good payday.

We've done some checking on eBay, and the highest price at time of writing for a PlayStation 3 is over $3000.

Remember, it's just $600 in stores.

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