Nontraditional church gaining popularity

By: Diane Cho
By: Diane Cho

August 13, 2006

A local church is trying to break away from the traditional methods of teaching...and so far it seems to be working.

Only on 12, Diane Cho shows you why True North is quickly becoming one of the largest churches in the CSRA.

Pastor Steve Davis preaches in a more unconventional way.

"It's the church to reach the unchurched," Davis says.

With props instead of a podium, and a pair of jeans in place of a robe.

It might leave you to wonder if this young pastor has a method to his madness.

"We try to present truth in a way they're used to receiving it," Davis says.

Whatever it is, it seems to be catching on--fast.

"All the people are excited about it," says church member Paige Busby. "It's fun to be here. The music...Mr. Steve's always pumped up about it."

"Pastor is pretty funny," says church member Carter Tanton. "He does it in different ways than other pastors."

Starting out two years ago with only eight couples, the church has grown to a mass averaging more than 1100 people every week.

The crowd is so large the church has to move the stage in the auditorium to the gym at North Augusta High School.

But it's not just the younger demographic who's getting on board.

"He's a real person. He challenges you, makes relationships," says church member Cathy Tanton.

"This is what God intended a community to be, one that reaches out and accepts," says member David Todd. "Most of us weren't getting that at our church."

The church is called True North, and they're affiliated with the Southern Baptist Church. Despite that, they say their doctrine reflects a non-denominational background.

"We don't put on labels, because they can become barriers," Davis says. "It's why we dress casually. We focus on what matters and that's your heart."

"People are excited, and that's catching," Todd says.

"Most people beat themselves up because they're not good enough, but the truth is, they'll never be," Davis says. "But God still loves them, and that's the perspective we take."

Connecting an age-old tradition to the 21st century.

The True North Church meets every week at 9 and 10:45 a.m. in the North Augusta High School auditorium.

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