Child receives second-degree burns from firework

By: Diane Cho
By: Diane Cho

Injuries from fireworks can be dangerous...even deadly.

This year, the Burn Center at Doctor's Hospital saw 23 fireworks injuries, ten of those on the Fourth of July.

The story of one local family demonstrates what can happen even if your child is just a bystander.

Like most seven-year-olds, it's hard to keep little Jordan still for very long.

But now she has no choice.

"She's not well enough to do anything," says Keisha Williams, Jordan's mother.

Jordan has second-degree burns on both her legs.

"My daughter walked down five apartments to see a firework a lady was going to fire," Keisha says. "The lady said she told my daughter to move, but I didn't hear her say it. And my daughter was on skates trying to run."

But Jordan couldn't move fast or far enough.

"It's called a Monster, she threw it down and it spun and took off in direct directions," Keisha says. "It was like a roman candle but it makes five launches, about five flames swirling at you."

She says one of the flames hit her daughter in the leg.

"I thought my pants were going to start on fire," Jordan says.

"If her clothes weren't flame retardant, she could've ignited," says Keisha.

And if you look closely, you'll notice Jordan waddles when she walks.

"When she goes to the bathroom, we have to cut her out of her underwear, because she can't pull them down," Keisha says.

"I just don't want it to get stuck," says Jordan.

And now her mother is furious.

"When you take a risk that can injure you, that's your choice, but when you do something that can injure someone else and they're not even aware you're going to do it, that's malicious to me," Keisha says.

All this happened on Jordan's birthday, the Fourth of July.

"It's traumatic. All week they would run to the window to see the fireworks, and now they ignore them," Keisha says. "They won't even look out the window at them."

And now every birthday will hold some painful memories.

Keisha Williams filed an incident report on her neighbor for using the fireworks near her child.

Her neighbor was issued a citation.

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