Augusta woman says she was raped in broad daylight

"He said, 'If you tell anybody, I'll kill you...and I know where you live'."

That's what a rape victim says her attacker told her when he forced her down near some dumpsters not far from her apartment...and it all happened in broad daylight.

A woman tells deputies a man raped her while she was taking out the trash.

The incident was Wednesday afternoon, June 7, at Augusta Manor Apartments. That's at 3551 Mike Padgett Highway.

Only on 12, the victim tells her story.

24-year-old Marteen Brown says a man she has never seen before attacked her, forced her to have sex, and threatened to kill her if she called the police.

"I am afraid for me and my children's lives."

The man told Marteen he knows where she the single mother of two is packing up the apartment to escape her alleged rapist--and the memory.

"I was laying right here on the floor with blood dripping down my legs, both my children were here."

Before they left the apartments for good, Marteen took us to the place where it all started.

"He grabbed my mouth and pushed me over here on the ground and raped me right here."

She fought back...but Marteen says he overpowered her.

"He slammed my head against the concrete," she says. "Before I blacked out, I seen I was trying to push him away.

"My body hurts all over from him."

Part of a fence near the dumpster is broken, and Marteen says people cut through the woods there all the time. She thinks that's where the attacker came from.

After he left, she rushed back to her children and called her mom.

"She burst into tears and said, 'Mama, I've been raped'," recalls Marteen's mother, Deborah Brown.

Deborah called the sheriff's department.

"They overpower the person and it's an act of force, a violent crime," says Sgt. Richard Roundtree of the Richmond County Sheriff's Department.

"I just don't see how somebody can rape somebody like that...and them not even care," Marteen says. "How could you hurt a woman and not even care?"

The sheriff's office says many victims do not come forward.

Marteen did...but reporting the rape was hard for her.

Her mother Deborah says, "The first thing she said to me was, 'Mama, they're making it seem like it's my fault'."

"This is why people don't want to come clean when they're raped," Marteen says. "They don't want to tell nobody."

Richmond County Sgt. Richard Roundtree says officers have to consider all possibilities.

"Some cases we find not to be credible," he says, "but every case is taken seriously."

And rape victims sometimes have a hard time answering officers' tough questions.

"It is a very intense interview and intense investigation," Sgt. Roundtree says.

Marteen Brown says she will do whatever it takes to protect herself and her family.

"If you're watching me now on TV, don't ever come near me again...and I hope you're locked up for the rest of your life," she said in News 12's interview.

Investigators say they are looking for the man...and he could still be in the area.

In 2005, there were 99 rapes reported to the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. And since this January, 31 cases have been reported this year. That's 130 reported cases in almost eighteen months.

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