Dumb and Dangerous Driving - May 23, 2006

By: Kristen Cosby
By: Kristen Cosby

May 23, 2006
Back by popular demand: Dumb and Dangerous Driving.

You send the e-mails, News 12 catches the bad driving on camera.

What do you usually do when you see a stop sign?

I'm assuming stop...that's what it says.

But it seems a lot of drivers, including county workers on the dangerous Olive Road, are forgetting that.

And that's just the beginning of our driving debacles.

You'd think after a deadly crash, blinking lights, and dozens of signs, drivers going under the Olive Road railroad bridge would follow the rules.

Think again.

In just 30 minutes, our camera caught dozens of cars rolling through the stop sign.

A Camry rolled right through, then a Lincoln did the same thing.

A string of minivans also avoided the break pedal, and countless other cars shot across.

Then we caught a Richmond County school employee making a left turn in his pickup without bothering to stop.

A few minutes later another school employee in a van does the same thing.

After all this, we really wanted to know why so few people were stopping...but all we got was denial. Here are the reactions from three different drivers:

"Can you tell us why you didn't stop at the stop sign up there?"

"I did."

"Why didn't you stop at the stop sign?"

"I did stop at the stop sign."

"Not all the way."

"Yes I did."

"Why didn't you stop at the stop sign back there?"

"I did."

"You rolled through."

"I came to a short stop."

At least those people answered us...we got a lot of people speeding away the moment we asked the question.

Neighbors on Ramsgate Road also e-mailed us. They're worried about speeders there. The problem is, they don't have any sidewalks, so kids must use the street if they want to ride their bikes or walk. Sheriff's officers aren't allowed to run radar in neighborhoods, but News 12 is.

Laura Beveridge worries about the safety of her three sons.

She's even gone to the Richmond County Commission to get speed bumps on Ramsgate road.

"You just missed the logging truck that came through probably doing 75," she told us. "And this is a 30 mile per hour zone."

Neighbor Pat Sable thinks it's been a problem since Target was built.

"I think a lot of people use it to get to Washington Road from the Exchange area," she says.

So News 12 set up behind some brush to catch the speeders in action.

The first offender: Laura's oldest son's school bus.

It was almost 15 over.

But that's just the beginning.

A teenager whipped by 20 miles over the speed limit.

But a green car won the race...going 61 miles per hour.

That's 31 over the speed limit.

You can see why neighbors plan to plead to commissioners again for speed bumps.

When you need a good parking spot, those expectant mother spaces are awfully tempting.

They're so close.

But taking one just wouldn't be right. And when we spotted two men hanging out the moms-to-be spot, we had to confront them.

"You guys expecting a baby? You pregnant?" we asked.

"Oh no! Don't do that," said one of the men, running around the truck to avoid our camera.

"I thought this spot is for expectant mothers. You know some new science I don't know about?"

"Oh boy," said the other man. "You got us."

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