Sheriffs demolish drug house to send message

By: Kristen Cosby
By: Kristen Cosby

Aiken County's sheriff wants the entire county to hear his message.

To get the word out, Sheriff Michael Hunt knocked down a meth house Friday, May 5.

All that's left now is bricks and wood, but earlier Friday morning it was a standing house. Sheriff hunt tore it down to send a message.

All the neighbors are watching... Even the cat.

"This morning marks the date of a new drug enforcement effort in this county," Hunt said.

The sheriff's office acted on a court order to demolish a meth house.

The house was flattened in less than five minutes.

"The message we want to send today is if you deal drugs in Aiken County we're going to put you in jail, tear down your property and seize your money," said Hunt.

In February officers busted this meth house.

The people living here rented, but the sheriff says landlords that allow such drug activity will face consequences too.

"We have the few who want to not face reality and not help us, and they'll just have to pay the price on losing the property," Hunt says.

And this is music to neighbor's ears.

"t needed to be down because it just gave the other drug dealers a sign. 'Well if they don't tear this down we can go back up there again'," says neighbor Gail Barron.

The house was 40 years old.

It was raided back in February. Investigators found meth in every room of the house from the kitchen to the attic. Three people were arrested after an investigation.

Aiken County deputies tell News 12 they have a list of other drug houses they want to demolish, and they say they will add new ones as they find them.

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