No yearbooks for Laney High students

By: Domonique Benn
By: Domonique Benn

High school seniors walk away with many memories, some of those memories filed away in a yearbook.

But this year, Laney High School is not ordering yearbooks. News 12 has learned the book is just not in demand.

Tim Coleman's mother still has her 1976 Laney High School yearbook. It tells the story of past times.

But Tim won't have one.

"It was real popular back then," Tim says, "but now it seems like the uncool thing to do to get a yearbook."

Tim settles for a '06 class shirt, instead of the $50 to $75 yearbook.

"I don't think it's the cost," he says. "They can buy shoes every week. If they want one they can get one. There's just not a demand for it."

With 600 students, only about 10 have expressed interest in the yearbook.

But the bottom line boils down to volume.

It's $20,000 to order the books.

In the past Laney has had a great deal left over.

"There's a debt owed by the school to have the yearbook produced, and it's got to be paid for by someone," explains Mechelle Jordan of the Richmond County Board of Education.

But not getting a yearbook does not mean the graduates will have no memories.

"Jostens offers a great deal of things for seniors as they are graduating and one of them is a memory book," Jordan says.

Students have the option to buy the memory book as part of a senior package. While no pictures are in it, students can add their own and customize their memories.

This is not the first time Laney has not offered school yearbooks to students.

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