Dennis Payne mourns children's death, says wife Lottie Kain is innocent

By: Diane Cho
By: Diane Cho

In an interview you'll only see on News 12, a parent speaks out about the death of his children.

His wife stands accused of the crime.

News 12's Diane Cho spent April 23 in Warrenton, where she met Dennis Payne and Lottie Kain and learned how their lives have changed since that fateful weekend.

Dennis Payne and Lottie Kain can't even bear the sight of the VCR they never got to set up for little Jonah, or the clothes he never got to wear.

"From our bedroom to the hall I seen a little shadow and I said, 'Lottie, Jonah's here, I seen him.' I went in and turned on every light in the house, there was nobody," Dennis says. "This is I have to live the rest of my life like this."

He's left to wonder what happened on that Saturday afternoon.

"We went out there yesterday and it was the hardest thing. I told those babies, 'I will find out the truth.' I made a promise," he says.

Two-year-old Nicole and her three-year-old brother Jonah went missing after wandering from their home in Warren County.

Two days later, they were found in a nearby retention pond.

Their mother, Lottie Kain, was charged with two counts of cruelty to children after she admitted she was in the bathroom when the kids left the home.

"She's getting blamed for something she didn't do. She did nothing wrong," Dennis says.

He is steadfast in his belief in his wife's innocence.

"When she came out she saw the gate latch up, chain undone. She did tie a chain," he says.

A chain they say was too complicated for three-year-old Jonah.

"We took a four-year-old girl and she couldn't untie it," Dennis says. "Jonah couldn't even tie his own shoes."

Was the chain loose enough for Jonah to undo?

Or did someone let them out?

They're questions that may never be answered.

Another unanswered question: Dennis says little Jonah had a walking problem. He couldn't travel more than five feet before tripping over himself.

Yet his body was found 300 yards away.

So that raises questions as to how they made ever made it past the gate alone.

Lottie Kain's trial date has not yet been set.

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