Rash of Richmond County robberies targeting medications

By: Kate Tillotson
By: Kate Tillotson

A string of break-ins in Richmond County have a common thread, as several women are robbed of their medicines.

Crime Team 12's Kate Tillotson spoke with two victims about the break-ins and their losses.

Imagine you're a diabetic, an insomniac, and clinically depressed. That's why one woman is heavily medicated...and now, because of these robberies, she's forced to go without.

"OK, this right here. There was all kinds of medicines here," Gay says, showing us her medicine drawer. All that's left there are over-the-counter pills like Tylenol.

But Gay needs a lot more than this.

"The Levapro is for my nerves. I take it twice a day. I take two blood pressure pills a day," she says.

The sixty-year-old woman was wiped clean of her medicine Monday when someone broke in and stole it.

Surprisingly, they ignored her expensive jewelry and several of her electronics.

"Somebody knew that I take that medication," she says.

The same thing happened to Avis Miller, who called 911 when her bottle of 90 pain pills went missing.

"I don't want them in my house," Miller says. "I don't care who you is, stay away from me. I don't want you in my house."

The break-in has Gay locking up and installing a door alarm for extra protection.

"Because I feel like they invaded my privacy whenever they came in here, and especially ransacked my dresser."

And by the end of the month she'll have completely moved out.

Until then, the grandmother of eight will sleep with a pistol under her pillow.

"Because, if anybody comes in here, they're not gonna walk out," Gay says.

Both Gay and Miller have their suspicions as to who may be to blame for these crimes...however, in the last four days, no one has been arrested.

Unfortunately, often in cases like these the robbers will re-sell the stolen medicine on the streets.

Meanwhile, these ladies' doctors are refilling their prescriptions.

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