Three abortion bills pass Georgia State Senate

By: Stephanie Baker
By: Stephanie Baker

People who oppose abortion scored a major victory in the Georgia State Senate.

Women seeking to terminate their pregnancy may be encouraged to look at a sonogram of the unborn baby.

Anyone who kills a pregnant mother could become guilty of a double homicide.

And pharmacists who don't want to fill abortion prescriptions will have the right not to. Senator Jim Whitehead from Evans sponsored that bill.

News 12's Stephanie Baker spoke with some local people on both sides of that issue.

Some think the unborn fetus has the same rights as you and me, and should be protected. But others say it’s an issue of women’s rights, and these bills undermine progress.

The right to choose or the right to life.

Women's rights activist Gloria Greenbaum says the choice to end a pregnancy is personal.

"No woman wants to have an abortion,” says Greenbaum. “Women who seek it do it for a very good reason."

Reasons like rape, incest, or deformities in the fetus. But Susan Swanson from a local pro-life group says there's never a good reason.

"We believe life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is what our country is based on. And if a child isn't given a life, he can't pursue happiness."

When it comes to abortion drugs, she wants pharmacists to have a choice.

But Greenbaum argues women should have control over their lives.

"Only a woman can know the seriousness of that, how it impacts their seems to me there are men making these decisions for women," says Greenbaum.

Pharmacist Kyle Pulliam has never been in that situation...

"We've had it in the past but we never used it," says Pulliam.

He says no one ever asked for it.

Other legislation would show the mother an image of her unborn child. It may cause her to think twice.

"Many mothers come with the misconception the baby's not really a baby," says Swanson.

"It's just another way to exert pressure on the woman to prevent her from having a choice," Greenbaum says.

And then there’s the double homicide bill.

"We believe life begins at conception, so that little baby is just as much a person as their mother," says Swanson.

"Everyone says keep the government out of our business, and then here they're in our most private choice, and the most agonizing choice a woman has to make," says Greenbaum.

Either way, it'll be a huge victory for one side, and a huge setback for the other.

The pharmacy bill is sponsored by senator whitehead...the Unborn Victims of Violence Act will allow prosecution for anyone who kills the fetus, regardless of how far along the woman is in her pregnancy.

That bill and the sonogram bill were introduced by women.

All three will now go to the Georgia State House of Representatives for consideration.

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