Dumb and Dangerous Driving - February 23, 2006

By: Kristen Cosby
By: Kristen Cosby

February 23, 2006
By now you know the drill... your e-mails tell us about dumb and dangerous driving around the area, and we catch it on camera.

The dogs on Melrose Drive just off of Peach Orchard Road are in fear of dangerous drivers, according to Mary Malone, who says "People walking their dogs don't have a chance sometimes."

Mary says drivers constantly speed down her 25 miles per hour neighborhood street. Before we even finished our interview, one flew by. We set up our News 12 radar gun... and many cars sped past at close to 15 miles over the speed limit.

Then, just as the dogs were coming by, a car shot through at 41 miles per hour. We couldn't catch up with him to talk because he was already long gone.

The hill on Berckmans Road provides the perfect place to fly. We set up our News 12 radar gun at bottom, and caught many people going about 15 over the 35 miles per hour speed limit.

Then a lady whipped by at 54 miles per hour... close to 20 over. A few seconds later, we find a sheriff's deputy clocked her too, and gave her a little reminder to slow down. Deputy Larry Thigpen says her speeding is standard. "If you could sit out here all day, it would be a continuous pull over."

Several of you wrote us about the turn lane on Wheeler Road going to Robert C. Daniel Parkway. The turn lane is short, and signs are clearly posted, warning drivers not to go past the lane and block traffic going straight. But with every cycle of the light, cars form a long line in the far left lane. We asked a few drivers blocking the left lane why they do it.

One said he did not know he was doing anything wrong. Another, Lisa Baker, blamed the lights: "They need to synchronize the lights so they all turn at the same time. It makes no sense for that one to be green and this one to be red." But no drivers we talked with blamed themselves.

We can't be too critical of bad drivers, we all make mistakes when we drive. The important thing to remember, is to learn from those mistakes, so small annoyances don't turn into big accidents.

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