Investigators Say They Have Serial Rapist in Custody

By: Domonique Benn
By: Domonique Benn

February 21, 2006
Investigators say they have a serial rapist in custody. Today a Richmond County grand jury indicted Michael Christian Clay on five different rapes. One of the victims still in the hospital is expected to remain in a coma for the rest of her life.

Michael Christian Clay was also indicted for the January 11th beating of a dry cleaner owners. News 12 sat down with that victim who is still recovering from the attack.

Kioak Yim says it was January 11th. She’d just opened up Y&K Cleaners on Gordon Highway when someone attacked her.

“He was punching my eye area, my eye under bone was sticking in,” Yim said.

Kioak has had two surgeries to reconstruct the broken bones in her face. Investigators say Michael Christian Clay is responsible.

“I’m going to die, the only think I’m thinking is I’m dying,” Yim said.

While investigators say Michael Christian Clay is responsible for the assault and beating of Kioak Yim, they also say he’s responsible for several other crimes, five rapes, the latest one happening at the Silver Bullet Lounge. That victim is still hospitalized.

“She will probably be for the rest of her life on a respirator or life support,” Lt. Scott Peebles said.

Investigators say rapes dating back to 2000 and 2003 are linked by the same DNA. Investigators say they are confident Michael Christian Clay’s DNA will connect him to two rapes at Southview Cemetary, one in a parking lot here at Mount Vernon Baptist Church, another behind Wilkinson Gardens Elementary School and the latest on January 9th at Silver Bullet Lounge. But an unrelated case on February 15th where investigators say he was charged with assault on a pedestrian is what helped them link their cases.

“Information that we learned while investigating that case made us go back and look at the other cases we were involved with,” Peebles said.

“I’m happy because one reason that way he’s not going to do other people, he’s not going to hurt other people,” Yim said.

Investigators have taken DNA samples from Michael Christian Clay. They are waiting on those results from the GBI Crime Lab. However, they are very confident they have the right man based on other evidence.

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