Getting Away with Murder?

By: Ryan Duffy
By: Ryan Duffy

November 14, 2005
A News 12 investigation uncovers new information about a murder in a small town. In 2001 Robin Reeves was stabbed to death in her home in Thomson. Suspicion immediately centered on her ex-husband.

But no one was ever arrested. News 12 investigates the Reeves murder and has new information never made public until now.

Robin Reeves’ friends and family say when she was murdered they believed her ex-husband, Robert Standridge, was involved, but they never had the proof. Tonight, we talk to a man in jail in central Georgia who says he has the proof. And we’ll show you a pattern of stalking that friends and family say made Robin fear for her life. It’s information that backs up what those close to Robin have suspected all along.

It was the morning of February 28, 2001. Robin's Reeves' mother Faye discovered her daughter's body here in the hall of Robin's home, stabbed and bloody. Suspicion among those close to Robin immediately focused in on Robin's ex-husband Robert Standridge. He was already going to trial for stalking Robin. But as far as the murder, he was questioned but never arrested.

"Very frustrating, disgusting, I just get infuriated to know, it's been four and a half years now, we're still where we were to begin with," Faye Reeves said.

Robin's mother Faye and family friends like Mike Love say they know exactly who the killer is. They say Robert Standridge is behind it all.

"If the day comes that he's not involved I will personally apologize to him, but with everything I know and have seen, there's no doubt in my mind," said Mike Love, Robin’s friend.

Robin's family has left her house untouched inside and out, unchanged since the murder. And they say that's how her murder investigation remains, unchanged for all these years. But there is one man who says he knows exactly what happened.

David Lee Hanks is Robert Standridge’s Nephew. He says when he was serving time for aggravated assault in the McDuffie County Jail he shared a cell with two men who confessed to the crime.

"They said they were hired right through my uncle," said David Lee Hanks, witness.

Hanks says he knew the men, Spencer Moore, and Isaac Greer, from high school. He says the men told him his uncle, Robert Standridge, paid them $10,000 to kill Robin. Moore was the first to talk to Hanks.

"He was with him when he did it, the fella went in and killed her, that he was there with him, pretty much the lookout man," Hanks said.

“And what did Mr. Greer tell you?” News 12 asked
“That he done it and something about how my uncle still owed him money - that's about it," Hanks said.

Hanks says he even took a GBI polygraph and passed.

"I think the polygraph proves I'm telling the truth," Hanks said.

The GBI won't confirm that they have talked to Grier. So is this a case of murder for hire? Does the story hold up? According to these McDuffie County Jail logs all three men were in the jail at the same time in late 2002. And these bank records from Standridge’s custody hearing after Robin’s murder show that in late 2000 he took out $20,500 dollars in loans. According to the Reeves family attorney that money has never been accounted for.

"He let me know he wanted some of them dead and asked if I was interested."

This man says he used to be friends with Robert Standridge. He asked we hide his identity. He says Standridge asked him in the early 90's to "take care of" some of the coworkers he didn't like. He says he didn't know how serious Standridge was until Robin's murder.

"I knew in my gut he had it done, and he must have been more serious in the early 90's than I thought."

"I feel like whoever was there that night was there for one purpose to kill Robin - she was not raped, nothing missing from the house," Faye Reeves said.

Faye says the crime scene also suggests it was murder for hire. She was first in the house and saw no forced entry. One of Robin's friends tells News 12 just a few days before her murder Robin thought Standridge stole a set of her house keys.

And Robert Standridge was found to have a long history of repeatedly calling and following Robin in the months before her murder. This is a log Robin's lawyer says she kept of every time it happened from July 2000 to February 2001. All in all 26 confrontations - 16 logged as face to face, 14 of those are alleged to have been after Robin received a temporary restraining order.

"Sometimes it was I know where you went for lunch today, and I can tell you exactly what you ate - and he could," Faye said.

Eventually Standridge was convicted of aggravated stalking, but it was after Robin's murder.

“He's always told her if she divorced him and if he couldn't have her nobody else could - he wasn't hesitant to tell anybody that,” Mike Love said.

Right now Robert Standridge is in the McDuffie County Jail, but it has nothing to do with Robin’s murder. He is in there on a probation violation, accused of hitting his girlfriend with a pipe.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is the lead agency on the Robin Reeves case. It’s hard to know what they’re doing with the information we’ve just shared with you because they won’t comment on the case. But everyone you heard from in our story says they have told this to the authorities. Other law enforcement sources say Standridge is in fact a strong suspect, but they just don’t have enough. The men who allegedly confessed to this are in state prisons but not for this murder. Spence Moore is there for cocaine possession and Isaac Grier is there for aggravated assault.

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