Candidate Closeup: Tommy Boyles

By: Jonathan Martin
By: Jonathan Martin

October 25, 2005
Today we’re getting close-up with Tommy Boyles. He retired several years ago after working for the city for 32 years and recently stepped down from his commission seat to run for mayor. And only on News 12, hear from a man who says that all of that experience is why he would make the best mayor.

“I think I’m approachable, I’m pretty friendly, I love people,” Tommy Boyles said.

You can call him Mr. Congeniality, but Tommy Boyles is hoping that his experience will be what makes him a staple in local government.

“I think I’ve been there long enough through my government service that I know the areas of this city and this county,” Boyles said.

After serving as a commissioner for four years, he’s now hoping to take the driver’s seat as mayor.

“I number one want to make our government more people friendly, I want to change the things that we do on a local level,” Boyles said.

Funding the law enforcement and developing better relations between the city and the school board are also on his agenda. But he wants to start by changing the actions of the commission.

“There are written rules in there that says a person can only talk two minutes on a subject. You’ve had some people, including our former, acting mayor who have talked for 17,18,19 minutes on one subject,” Boyles said.

But he says the idea of CSRA help Chairman Woody Merry to get the mayor to sign a behavior contract is a little farfetched.

“You don’t need all of that. What I read in there is really superficial anyway,” Boyles said.

But what he says the city does need is for SPLOST to pass.

“It’s okay to be mad at the government. If you want to be mad at the commission, fine, do that, but don’t be mad with yourself and don’t past the SPLOST issue,” Boyles said.

Boyles told me he has the largest Democratic following in Augusta but he says when he voted against a project sponsored by Democratic Party Chairman Lowell Greenbaum, it cost him the endorsement.

“He put his finger in my face and said I’ll never vote for you for mayor,” Boyles said.

But Tommy says that hasn’t slowed him down because he says he’s nailed down support all over.

“I’m not going after the young voters, the old voters. I’m not going after the black voters or white voters, the women or the men. I’m going after everybody,” Boyles said.

But after nearly 40 years in government, what will happen if he’s not victorious?

“Right now I think this will probably be my wrap up days in politics,” Boyles said.

So is it a wrap or can Tommy get set for a ride at the mayor’s seat? You decide.

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