Goodbye Guzzlers

By: Kate Tillotson
By: Kate Tillotson

September 30, 2005
As record fuel prices continue to burden drivers, some are turning to alternate modes of transportation. News 12's Kate Tillotson is on your side with why you should soon be seeing more scooters on the streets.

Scoot over SUV's. Michelle Claeys is on the move. "Oh it's a win, win. I mean how often is something this much fun and inexpensive?" Claeys said. The proud owner of three scooters, Claeys can't remember the last time she had to fill up. Her Vespa gets seventy miles to the gallon.

"My gas bill for the month of Augusta was $7.32," Claeys said.

It's why scooter sales are through the roof. Industry officials crediting low price tags and their fuel economy.

"We've already sold two in less than a week," Tom Clancy said, owner of Augusta/Triumph Ducati. It made sense to Clancy he start selling them. Gas prices are rumored to hit four dollars next year.

"It's pretty much a repeating story. People say my truck drinks gas and I need something that will give me better gas mileage," Clancy said.

Looking back, Claey's had her foot on the pedal, riding her two wheeler to and from work, accelerating others to tag along.

"It's just gotten to where I feel like I need to hang a sign on it though - how much did I pay for it, how did I get it and how many miles to the gallon I get," Claeys said.

The state of Georgia does not require a license plate on small-engine scooters. Those interested in larger engines however, will need to get a motorcycle license and a license plate.

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