Salvation Army Applying for Grant

By: Domonique Benn
By: Domonique Benn

October 19, 2005
The application is complete and the Salvation Army plans to send the paperwork in next Friday, which will put them in line to compete for $65 million from the Kroc Center.

Last year the estate of the late Joan Kroc, the wife of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, awarded $1.5 billion to Salvation Army centers across the country in order to build community centers. But money for our region is running out and our local center has had to step up to compete.

It’s a race against time and Salvation Army’s application will soon be in the mail.

“We learned that there are 17 other Salvation Army Corps which are in the entire Southern Territory that are competing for the money,” said Tracey Parker, Salvation Army.

Derek Dugan helped to write the application and identify key components required in the community center, which will be located in this greenspace near Chafee Park. They plan to send the paperwork in next Friday.

“With the funds being limited we found out that we are behind the eight ball. We needed to hurry and get this project in before the others because the project is essentially a land rush at the moment,” Dugan said.

But Salvation Army workers feel confident their application will make it through the divisional level in Atlanta.

“They already know what’s in the application they love it. We got a 100% unanimous vote that they will just stamp it and send it on,” Parker said.

The next stop is the territorial level also in Atlanta oversees the entire southern district. If Augusta gets the stamp of approval, the Kroc Corporation would give our local Salvation Army 200 percent of what Augusta expects to raise. That means $32.5 million toward the operation cost. Augusta would have to come up with the other $32.5 million for operations as well.

While the Chafee Park Building will virtually remain untouched. The Kroc Center will be in this centralized area and while there’s plans to have an arts and education facility and a Boys and Girls’ Club among other things, it will also help in the city’s plan to end homelessness.

Adding the one-stop facility is required for the grant, but it’s something Augusta has also planned.

“One of the easiest components to add to the Kroc Center was the one-stop facility because it fell under the Mayor’s 10-year plan and also the Kroc estate,” Dugan said.

The Salvation Army is ready to turn this greenspace into a multi-million dollar facility, but all things must go as planned.

“We anticipate knowing something potentially within the next six weeks,” Parker said.

The Salvation Army shelter and soup kitchen on Greene Street will remain. However, administrative offices would be moved to the new facility.

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