New Telemonitoring System Available

By: Kristen Cosby
By: Kristen Cosby

August 19, 2005
From Health Team 12…it’s the only system of it’s kind in the CSRA that gives you the benefits of visiting the doctor everyday without leaving your house. And now it’s available to everyone. News 12 is on your side with how telemonitoring has saved lives and can help you.

“Beep. Good Morning. It is now time to record your vital signs,” the machine said.

Don Boyer weighs himself. Then, he measures his blood pressure right in his own kitchen.

“Tighten securely,” the machine said.

This is through a telemonitoring system hooked up to Don’s home telephone line. It monitors heart rate, blood pressure, weight and temperature. Don used the system for three weeks when he was trying to find the right medication for his high blood pressure.

“Are you having difficulty taking any of your medications?” asked the machine.

A few questions, and in less than five minutes he’s done.

“I got up in the morning, I didn’t have to rush around and go some place,” Boyer said.

After the client measures their vital signs and answers the questions, the results go to a computer at Hitchcock Health Care. There, a nurse is waiting to make sure everything checks out okay.

Jennifer Brescia is the nurse on the other side. She says the machine is ideal for people with heart problems, pregnant women and anyone else who needs a daily checkup. Jennifer was there when this system discovered a client having a heart attack.

“She in fact told us she would not have sought medical treatment because she was not sure what was going on with her,” Brescia said.

For Don, Jennifer faxed his daily results to his doctor.

“And he would call me and say let’s try this and let’s try that,” Boyer said.

The result, Don’s medication cost went from $75 a month to $7. And his blood pressure is now just right.

“It was just a soothing realization that I’m okay,” Boyer said.

Telemonitoring costs $150 a month, which breaks down to $3 a day. It’s available through Hitchcock Health Care. For more information on telemonitoring, call Hitchcock at 648-8344.

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