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By: Stephanie Baker
By: Stephanie Baker

August 18, 2005
A local soldier and Cross Creek High School grad wrote a poem that was handed out today at the vigil in Atlanta.

Here’s how the poem starts. “They left their homes, they families, their lives, to start a new life full of bloodshed and cries.”

Patrick Walworth’s mother and grandmother say he is very devoted to serving the county.

“Soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, these are the names of the men we send to fight and die in the most honorable way,” the poem reads.

Patrick wrote this poem in high school and it is published in this book. He joined the service right after high school and he is currently serving in Iraq.

Sonny Perdue feels that it is important to honor the men and women who serve the country. With seventeen deaths in the 48th Brigade, he wants to show service men and women as well as their loved ones that they have support and prayers. With two of those seventeen from the Augusta area, local people showed their support today.

Evans High School in Columbia County is one of the places with flags at half-mast today. Locations all across the CSRA did the same.

“Students and teachers, it is time to take a few minutes of silence to honor those fighting in Iraq.”

That is what the principal of Evans High School said over the intercom at 1:00pm this afternoon.

“The least we can do is show our respect with a moment of silence,” he said.

Patrick’s poem reads, “To them, those courageous few, thanks for your service and may God bless you.”

He would have attended Georgia Military College, but was deployed to Iraq right out of school. He will be promoted to the rank of Sergeant soon.

“Thank you Services”
By: PFC Patrick Walworth, 48th Infantry Brigade, currently deployed in Iraq

They leave their homes,
Their families, their lives, to start a new life,
Full of bloodshed and cries.
Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines,
These are the names of the men we send,
To fight and die in the most honorable way.
Fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers,
They are all starting new lives today.
Kill or be killed is the name of the game,
Hard for these men to even stay sane.
So far from home, fighting each day.
So we don’t have to and we can stay.
Safe in our homes we sleep at night and
Don’t have to worry about waking in a fire fight.
They lead each moment as it should be led,
Because who knows, with so many dead,
Next could be them, they must keep their heads.
Always on alert and on the go, constant fighting everyone stays low.
So I say to them, those courageous few,
Thanks for your service and may God bless you!

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