Man Walking Across the Country Carrying a Cross

By: Diane Cho
By: Diane Cho

October 10, 2005
A man from North Carolina is walking the nation with a cross to spread his message. News 12 caught up with him today to find out where he’s heading and why.

He’s been the talk of the town in Aiken this morning as the sight to see down US 1.

“I was wondering what he was doing with a cross and a puppy in the middle of the highway,” said Natasha Smith.

“I didn’t know what to think,” said Shirley Padgett.

Some may call it a leap of faith, but Jeffrey Stanley likes to think of it as a mere step.

“Lord woke me up one night and asked me to carry a message across the nation to go out and wake up America and ask people to turn back to God, that’s our only hope,” said Jeffrey Stanley.

Bearing this massive cross on his back, his traveling buddy by his side, no map in hand and not a penny in his pocket, Jeffrey Stanley says he’s well on his way.

“I haven’t asked for nothin’, my every need is provided for just like His word said,” Stanley said.

Walking all the way from the hills of North Carolina, Jeffrey says he’s going on day 30 of his life on the road. With the exception of the average person’s immediate reaction…

“Sheriff’s pulled me over, police saying there’s a crazy man walking down the street with a cross,” Stanley said.

Most of his experiences with the people he’s met have been positive.

“Most of them stop to thank me so glad to see someone stand up for Jesus again,” Stanley said.

Taking it one day and one step at a time all the way to the west coast.

“I don’t know, that’s what he said, he said I’d be there in a year and I’d do a TV campaign when I got there, I don’t know I’m not rich and I can’t afford that,” Stanley said.

And no concerns on how he’ll make it there just heeding the advice of a bumper sticker.

“It says ‘With God all things are possible,’ and I wouldn’t have made it this far without Him,” Stanley said.

Taking up his cross on a journey of faith.

His destination may be California, but he still don’t know exactly where he’ll end up.

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