Graniteville Class Action Law Suit Details

By: Kristen Cosby
By: Kristen Cosby

The thousands of people who evacuated because of the Graniteville train crash are a step closer to seeing compensation. Details of the class action suit have been filed at the federal court in Columbia. It could mean up to $15,000 for a family of five.

Christina Hall has new appreciation for her spacious yard after living in a hotel room for two weeks in January.

“It was just very hectic being all cooped up in a room,” Hall said.

We first met Christina and her kids on the day she came back from the Graniteville evacuation. She was cleaning her house. More headaches have come since then and the family developed a rash. And her copper pipes turned green, they must be cleaned.

“If we’re gonna get it done now it would have to be out of our pocket. It’s not really feasible at this time since we’re a bigger family,” Hall said.

The class action suit would pay about $14,000 to Christina’s family of six.

“I would think the amount that is proposed is a fair amount for inconvenience,” Hall said.

If the judge approves the settlement, every family in the evacuation zone will be offered $2,000 and $200 per day per person, plus money for property damages, spoiled food and lost wages.

Even though the roofs of these houses off 421 turned color from the chlorine, the most money people here will see is $1,600 because they don’t live in the one mile evacuation zone.

This settlement does not include people who are seriously injured or wrongful death benefits for the families of those killed. Christina says for her situation, it will do.

“As long as my home and my family is alright it’s something we had to go through because accidents do happen,” Hall said.

An accident that money will only start to repair.

The hearing about the money is Thursday afternoon at the federal court in Columbia. When things are final, notices will be mailed to people in Graniteville.

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