Garbage Costs Could Rise

By: Stephanie Baker
By: Stephanie Baker

September 27, 2005
Changes are coming to Columbia County’s trash collection, and they will cost you. The landfill near Columbia Road is almost full, and when it is, companies will have to dump the trash somewhere else.

The Solid Waste Authority is considering the options. Your trash has to go someplace. But come early next year, these trucks will have to find a new place to dump it.

Columbia County Waste Manager Jason Pledger is worried it will cost him more money.

“I know it’s coming when they close the county landfill, we’re all uncertain where we’ll have to take the trash and unload it,” Pledger said.

His business collets trash from more than 2,000 homes. If his costs go up, he’ll pass it along to his clients.

The Columbia County landfill will be completely covered with trash in the next several months. One option is to start taking the trash over to the Richmond County landfill. It has 300 acres.

Engineering Director Jim Leiper thinks that trip could be a problem with rising diesel fuel costs.

“They may not have such an easy time at the Richmond landfill,” Leiper said.

Another option is the transfer station that another company, Advanced Disposal, is building. Companies can choose to take their trash here, which is closer than the Richmond County landfill. Their fee is more expensive than other landfills.

“We’ll be at the mercy as to what they’re gonna charge us,” Pledger said.

And any increase in costs will be dumped on everyone in Columbia County. Since Columbia County’s garbage collection is privatized, each individual company will decide where it will take the trash once the landfill reaches capacity. Right now nearly two-dozen garbage companies serve the county.

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