Gas Prices on the Rise

By: Meredith Taylor
By: Meredith Taylor

September 23, 2005
We saw it after Katrina and chances are Rita will be no different. As News 12 shows you, gas prices have been steadily going up this week and with refineries in the Gulf Coast in the hurricane’s path, we could see a bigger hike.

There’s no doubt, they’re paying at the pump. But what’s on the mind of most is how much more they’ll be paying after Hurricane Rita.

“Prices, they’ll peak for just a little bit and then it’ll come back down after maybe a week or two, of course it’s a wildcard if this storm tears up a major refinery, that’ll be different,” said Baxter Stanley, Augusta.

“If it does that, no tellin’ what this gas will go up to, probably four or five dollars a gallon, I imagine,” said James Hunt, North Augusta.

Hurricane Katrina damaged oil rigs, refineries and pipelines, sending prices over $3 a gallon. There was a bit of relief this week from that. But the Houston area is home to 13 percent of the U.S. oil refinery capacity. If Rita hits, it could be a worse situation.

Just one example of what people are paying at the pump: we talked to one man who paid $72.30 and that didn’t even fill up his van.

And here’s proof there’s no way it’s getting better just yet. We witnessed it takes just a minute for gas to go up 10 cents.

“I’m on a fixed income, and it’s hard for me to pay that kind of money for gas,” Hunt said.

Hard, but Hunt still has his sense of humor.

“Oh, I’d like to go back where you can get five gallons for a dollar, like 40 years ago. I think I’m gonna have to get a bicycle,” Hunt said.

Jean Elam is just glad she doesn’t drive that much.

“Besides, I’m a senior citizen and you have to watch out for me when I’m driving,” Elam said.

We found out, there’s no ‘best time’ to buy gas. We also found out, some experts say gas prices could go up to $4 a gallon.

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