New 911 System in Aiken

By: Diane Cho
By: Diane Cho

September 18, 2005
Minutes can be a matter of life and death for emergency responders. And now that the city of Aiken has a new 911 system in place, that time won’t be wasted. News 12 is on your side to show you how it works.

“911, what’s your emergency?” Nancy Griswold said.

While Nancy, a senior dispatch, talks to the caller, the computer has already located the house.

“When the 911 calls come in, it’s gonna flash on the screen and the house will be exact so you won’t have to waste any time,” Griswold said.

The blue dots indicate houses and the red dots are fire hydrants so firefighters won’t have to search for those either.

“It’s really important, we get really busy, our city is growing a lot and we need to be quicker and better,” Griswold said.

Especially in new housing developments, in which paper maps become useless.

It’s an efficient tool when emergency dispatch workers like Nancy can’t get the caller to say their address.

“Children if they call and don’t exactly know where they live or elderly could have a stroke and you may not be able to talk as well,” Griswold said.

Emergency dispatch in Aiken have an average response rate of five minutes and now with the 911 system in place, that number can be cut in half. Those are valuable minutes and seconds that could save a life.

The next phase of the new 911 program will be brought in within the year, this will also be able to track the locations of cell phone users.

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