Victim of First Friday shooting compares scene to a movie

By: Hope Jensen Email
By: Hope Jensen Email

News 12 at 11 o'clock/Sunday, July 8th, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga -- Six people are recovering of gunshot wounds after someone opened fire during First Friday. One of the youngest victim's says she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Michaela Hatcher is a Westside High School student. She is just 16 years old. Friday, an enjoyable night turned into a violent one when someone started firing shots hitting her and five others.

She and her friends were planning to just drop by First Friday. They say they hadn't been in years and now they say they won't be going back.

"It went through here and traveled down through here and came out," said Michaela as she pointed to the bandage on her leg. "I felt a numbness go through my leg."

Michaela was with her sister and a friend at First Friday when she started hearing gunshots.

"I didn't see no gun, I didn't get no heads up just pow," she said."I didn't know which gunshot hit me because there was four so I don't know if it was the first one, second one, I don't know."

All they could do was run and hope to make it to safety.

"It was kinda like a movie," said Brittany Hatcher, Michaela's sister. "It did not feel real."

"We were sort of scared to run because we didn't wanna turn our backs," added friend Joya Bush. "We didn't know where they were coming from because it was so chaotic."

As they ran they realized more and more people were being shot.

"It was like people were falling out as we were running," said Joya. "Like people were just like I've been shot in my foot, or oh, he's been shot in the leg, or like multiple people were screaming so it was like chaotic. It was like straight chaos."

A chaotic scene in downtown Augusta between 9th and 10th street. In total four girls and two guys were injured, the youngest just 14 years old.

"It's people with guns who don't know how to use them and don't know what to use them for," said Joya. "You're hitting innocent people."

Innocent people just trying to enjoy a First Friday downtown, the first First Friday Michaela and her friends had been to since they were young.

"It's mind boggling honestly," said Brittany. "I'm probably never going to First Friday again."

"I don't know who shot me or anything," said Michaela. "It's just not a safe place to be, especially after dark."

Some are calling for an end to the event, but the girls say whether they end it or not, they won't be back.

"What they do with First Friday is what they do," said Joya. "They can just count me out and I'm pretty sure Michaela's not going and I'm pretty sure Brittany's not going."

Luckily Michaela was able to run to her car. They drove away from the scene until they got in touch with dispatch and stopped so an ambulance could pick her up.

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