Only on 12: Witness, suspect speak out after deputies say pregnant professor is slipped a tainted cupcake

Deputies say the student at Virginia College injected some kind of substance into a Little Debbie cake, then gave it to her pregnant professor.  But, the suspect tells a different story.


News 12 at 6 o' clock/ September 12, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga.--A 44 year old mother of two is out on bond after being charged with reckless conduct. Deputies say the student at Virginia College injected some kind of substance into a Little Debbie cake, then gave it to her pregnant professor.

The suspect, Diane Ambrose, denies those claims, though. She says, "That is just monstrous, crazy. I'm a mother, and I'm a very kind hearted person."

She does admit giving the teacher a snack, but says, it was innocent. "I just thought I'll give it to her. I know she likes chocolate, maybe this will be a chance to kind of ease some of the tension ."

She says, it was just a peace offering since the two of them didn't get along, and there was nothing in the cupcake but frosting.

But, her classmate, Vanessa Harris, tells a different story. "She was laughing about it, and I didn't think it was funny."

Harris says, a couple of weeks ago, Ambrose told her she used a syringe to inject something through the wrapper of a Little Debbie cake, before she gave it to the professor.

Harris says, "I know she said she would be on the toilet all day."

Ambrose says, "I would not do anything to hurt anybody, ever. I'm not that kind of person."

The professor says she started having stomach problems after eating the snack cake, and developed complications with her pregnancy.

"I had a baby that passed away in my arms, and to know that she was pregnant and that could have happened to her, it still bothers me right now," Harris says.

Harris decided to tell her teacher about the incident. "I said, 'Dr. Jones, that brownie that Diane gave you,' I said, 'Did you eat it? Because she told me she put something in it,'" she told News 12's Laura Warren.

But, Ambrose says she thinks Jones may have just misunderstood a story she told her about her son a while back.

"I was telling her about an incident with my son from school. Another kid brought laxatives to put in a cookie and was giving them out to people he didn't like," she says.

Harris says, "I've never heard the story about her son and the cookie situation."

Richmond County investigators say Ambrose admitted to putting laxatives in the cupcake, then recanted that statement.

Ambrose says, "I did not say that. I don't even understand why that was put in there, because I never admitted to anything because I didn't do anything wrong."

A search of her house did not turn up any evidence of syringes or laxatives. Ambrose says she plans to fight the charges. She's getting an attorney and plans to sue Harris for making false allegations.

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