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Family of Wagener victim describes suspect as 'control freak'

July 3, 2011

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- Words cannot express the hurt and pain of the Baldwin family. Belinda and Dinah can not believe their baby sister, 46-year-old Esther Baldwin, was murdered by the same man she had once loved.

Investigators believe Baldwin was the fourth victim of Ken Myers in a shooting rampage that began Saturday afternoon.

"She always answers when we call," Belinda Knoepfle said.

They called for deputies to check on their sister in Wagener Saturday night when they got word that there was a manhunt for Myers.

Dinah Baldwin, Esther's sister-in-law, said when they got to the house, SLED was already there and that is when they discovered she was murdered.

The family said Esther was just one person on Myers' hit list. Investigators say Myers first killed his wife, her twin sister and their mother in their home on Daytona Road. He then traveled less than a mile to Esther's home on Big Branch Road and shot her in the neck. Myers once lived in that home with Esther.

"She dated Ken for about seven and a half years and he was a control freak," Baldwin said."He made her quit her job, she couldn't cut her hair, wear makeup or visit her family.

The family said Myers had a temper problem. One day he was normal and the next day he would threaten Esther's life. They said when the two broke up, Ester stayed in the home on Big Branch Road and started a new beginning for herself.

"She was happy and she got her job back," Baldwin said. "She came around the family more and had her daughter, too."

Myers was chased by deputies when he left Esther's home. He eventually took his own life. The family says this is no kind of justice for taking the lives of innocent women.

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