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FIRST ON 12: Daughter speaks out on father turned quadruple murder suspect


The daughter of Kenneth Myers is shocked to hear about her father's alleged killing of four women over the weekend. (WRDW-TV / July 4, 2011)

News 12 at 11 o'clock / Monday, July 4, 2011

WAGENER, S.C. -- It's a voice mail that haunts Alisha Myers' phone.

"It's hit me a few times when I've listened to the message of the last time that me and my dad and them talked, and he was singing for my son's first birthday, and it really made me break down, and we cried. I cried for over two hours," she told News 12.

It'll be the last time she hears her father's voice. He was the man police say went on a rampage through the town of Wagener, S.C., that left four dead before he fatally shot himself.

"Something had to have pushed him to a point, but nobody really knows what it was," she said.

She gave News 12 pictures of her father. She said they offer up thoughts of happier times. One shows a father at the beach with his daughter and granddaughter. Another shows Kenneth on the couch with his wife Angela Myers, her sister Tabitha Brown and their mother Vicki Brown. They're all gone now, along with his ex-girlfriend Esther Baldwin.

"I can't even fathom a single idea that would lead my dad to do this," she said.

She said the man who caused all this panic and pain was not the father she knew.

"Every time I'd go down there he was so happy to show who his kids were, you know, he'd walk around saying, 'This is my baby girl.' And he was just so happy and people -- you could see in their faces -- that they respected him, that they knew him," she said.

But she's not only dealing with the tragic loss of a father. She says her tears have flowed for the victims, too.

"They were literally our family," she said.

It's a family that's now ripped apart.

"It's something I'm going to have to bare and something I'm going to have to deal with as time goes," she said.

She says she also hopes members of the community don't retaliate against the family members she has left. She says more violence won't make any of the victims come back to life.

As for the relationship between Kenneth and Angela, Alisha says they loved each other. She visited them frequently and called them even more. She says they completed each other's sentences. She says that's why this was all the more shocking for her to hear.

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