MySpace leads to vandalism arrests

By: Stephanie Baker Email
By: Stephanie Baker Email

May 11, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Four people have been arrested in connection with vandalism at downtown's Miller Theater.

Domnick Watterson and William Pasquale face felony burglary charges for painting symbols and messages on the inside walls.

They're still looking for more than a dozen others who were also there, caught on surveillance video.

Deputies say two of them were James Carver and Cory Perry, and the popular website MySpace led them to these teenagers.

Now they're hoping the site will help them find everyone else.

People put all sorts of information on their MySpace pages. And in this case, investigators say some unique phrases on Domnick Watterson's page also showed up in the graffiti on the inside of the Miller Theater.

Property crimes investigator Tony Walden says he's never seen anything quite like this graffiti.

"This is not the same types of writings we've seen downtown," he said. "It's something more disturbing, really."

Disturbing messages, like "death", "hell is waiting for you", and "all who enters has lost all hope" were spray-painted on the walls, along with pictures and symbols.

Investigators believed there was some relationship between the vandalism, the kids caught on camera as they broke into the building, and the nearby underage club, Sector 7G.

They started to search the club's MySpace page and found a band name that appeared on the walls of the Miller. But going through the page's 4,000 friends was taking time.

That's when an anonymous tip led them to Domnick Watterson's MySpace page.

"I'm glad someone called to help, or we'd still be searching through four thousand pages of people's backgrounds," Inv. Walden said.

He says Domnick Watterson's page has crucial ties to the crime. References to "purple god", a skull and crossbones, and part of his screen name, Vicious, all showed up inside the theater.

"A lot of these people are very proud of their work and they like to advertise and put it on the internet," Inv. Walden said.

That advertising helped investigators piece it all together. Three people broke in on April 27 and wrote all the messages. Then the next night, 20 teenagers came over, probably from Sector 7G, to see the work.

Once investigators figured it all out, they made their arrests. So far they have four people in custody.

Investigators are still looking for another person they believe vandalized the theater, as well as the rest of the teenagers seen in the surveillance video.

Not too long ago, Carlos Calderon was also arrested for vandalism because of his MySpace page.

Deputies say he wrote BSEN and KCW on buildings all over town, including the historic Woodrow Wilson House, then took pictures and posted them on the internet.

The page said he was trying to start a graffiti culture in Augusta.

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  • by william Location: augusta on Mar 11, 2011 at 04:35 PM
    Wow they couldnt even put pictures from the miller with the story. get off probo this year. zack broke the mirror. zacks off probo and the restitution isnt paid. nick fled the state and the fine folks in th 901 greene street probation office know where hes at. and thanks for letting everyone know my middle name james.
  • by Bam Location: Augusta on May 30, 2007 at 08:04 PM
    you know whats sad, whats going around now, is it was all a narc job, some one narced on some one and that person narced, etc etc, you know this wouldnt be a problem if people would grow up and not do stupid crap
  • by james Location: Hephzibah, GA on May 21, 2007 at 08:47 PM
    I see the way most of you talk. You all say we all did it when in actuallity it was only three people. Nick, Spencer(william), and Zak. Cory and I had nothing to do with the vandalism or anything to do with the destruction of private propority.Cory did not even go in side. So, I just wanted to clear that up. I know what I did was wrong and yes i should be punished for it. But I did not do anything that was harmful or damaging. I did not spray paint, I did not destory anything, all I did was look inside the place. So, be mad at me if you want. But I do not really give two s**ts about any of you that think bad of me. I have much love for all of you who do not think of me as a criminal. I got to go to sleep. And get ready for my Exams. Well that all I got to say for now. Peace. I'm out.
  • by aaron Location: north augusta, sc on May 18, 2007 at 01:05 PM
    i agree wtih bam. if he is an artist do it on paper. don't be stupid and vandalise a theatre and i do believe the broke an 10,000 dollar mirror. another thing, how is it art to spray paint skulls and say death is coming or purple god? that's not art, it's immature and clearly you must be to think he is just showing his "art". get real. p.s. go back to school
  • by Bam Location: Augusta, Ga on May 18, 2007 at 09:50 AM
    to joe, if Nick wanted to show his art, he could've bought a canvas like all other "artist" now thanks to him, we have an unwanted on eye on sector. And to blame one or two of them, your right its wrong, its all their faults, they were idiots
  • by Paige Location: North Augusta, SC on May 17, 2007 at 02:59 AM
    I personally worked for Sector for over a year. Yes I know these kids. Yes, they did come down to Sector 7G often. But putting Nick and everyone else who works there in the mix is just wrong. Sector 7G has nothing to do with someone's actions. We just have a place for kids to go and see great shows. These kids may go there but so do many kids who are great students. I believe you should look into their background rather than make assumptions about that a venue that is down the street had anything to do with it.
  • by joe Location: ga on May 16, 2007 at 03:31 PM
    yea i know some of my peps that did the crime and they got kowt and just to blam it on one or two of theam is roung nick is a cool kidd and was just show his art opps that da yea but cory and james thats bs they dint even go in ok pease my nigg
  • by Bam Location: Augusta on May 15, 2007 at 09:10 AM
    these guys dont care about looking into sector, they just need some one to blame
  • by Brittany Location: North Augusta, SC on May 14, 2007 at 09:31 PM
    I go to Sector 7G all the time but that doesn't mean I'm going to vandalize anything. Just because it happens to be close, doesn't mean it's Sectors fault. There aren't many all ages venues or places for underage kids to go to but now everyone is trying to find an excuse to shut down the one place we do have. Sector is really a good place and we try to keep people like that away so we have a clean, safe enviroment there. Maybe the police should look further into it before placing blame.
  • by b Location: e on May 14, 2007 at 07:37 PM
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