Caught on Tape: Edgefield man attacks friend

By: Jonathan Martin Email
By: Jonathan Martin Email

April 25, 2007

An Edgefield County man is facing felony charges tonight for attacking his friend after a dispute over money...and it was all caught on tape.

Now authorities say a fight over $30 will cost the attacker a whole lot more.

When you do work for a friend and they don't pay you what they promised, what do you do? Let it go? Well, one man was ready to take his friend to court over $30 dollars...and that caused a violent rumble.

William Cato and his house are a little banged up after a dispute between him and a friend turned violent.

"Told my wife to call 911, get 911 on the phone," William told News 12.

A camera on the outside of his home caught it on tape.

It started Saturday when William's friend David Los showed up to pay him for work he'd done on his swimming pool.

Cato says they agreed on $90, but Los would only pay $60. Cato says when he refused taking less than $90, his friend went wild.

But as Cato went inside to call 9-1-1, Los' destruction continued.

"I feel silly that he went this far, but I don't feel that he should have damaged our house, you know? He did totally wrong," Cato said.

We went by Los' house to get his side, but he had no comment.

State solicitor general Harold Jones says he often deals with disputes over money. He always urges people to go to court before going off.

"An extra $100 to go to court and get your remedy, compared to having a possible criminal record plus other fines and fees...I think it does balance itself out," Jones said.

Now a fight between friends over $30 may have los paying much more than that.

Los is being charged with making terroristic threats and criminal damage to property. Both are felonies. He is also charged with a misdemeanor for simple battery.

Again, if you have a dispute over money, authorities say the best thing to do is to take it to court, even though it could take months before your case is heard.

Watch the full video:

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  • by Pat Location: Edgefield on Dec 21, 2007 at 04:06 AM
    I know what Mr. Cato said behind the door. he said Mr. Los ' father is a bigger liar than he was. Mr. Los' Father is a minister. Would you protect YOUR fathers name ?
  • by Daniel Location: Edgefield, SC on Apr 27, 2007 at 04:15 PM
    In life just like school you have quiet antagonizer's and other's who are more open with their feeling's. In this day and time it seems the quiet one's are the killer's??? Cato was at fault he should have taken the money and went on and worked for someone else. Los should have kept all the money and went on. It would cost more for Cato to hire a lawyer to get whatever he felt Los owed him or the cost to go to small claims court than what Mr. Cato was upset about. If the truth was known like most sub-laborer's he probably didn't work a full day? You heard Los "You said it was okay". Mr. Cato agreed to do a job cheaper than what Los would have paid Cato if Los had gotten the job himself. Because this was a contracted job then Cato wanted to say No after Cato told Los he would do the job cheaper since it was a contracted job. Once the word is out Cato will probably need to find a new line of work. Pool work is like any business. News travels fast. How a sub does an employer.
  • by LEE N.AUGUSTA Location: NORTH AUGUSTA on Apr 26, 2007 at 04:44 PM
    I would love to know what Cato said behind the glass before Los lost his temper???? There is more to this story than what you are reporting. Why don’t you have the tape analyzed and see if you can hear what Cato is saying! Cato new what he was doing, people like this is what raises our tax dollars and insurance in order to pay phony law suites. Cato is not a victim here.
  • by Nancy Crane Location: Aiken, SC on Apr 26, 2007 at 11:44 AM
    Cato lied!!! If you listen to the video they agreed on $170.00 and Los told him he'd already gotten $110.00 so Los wanted to pay him the $60.00 so Cato would stop calling the owner they did work for about his money due him. Los was to pay Cato the balance not the owner of the Co. they were contracted by. Why would someone have a voice recorder on their outside security camera [edit: criminal accusation removed by station blog editor] who puts an a/c in their front window these days? It's like he knew Los was coming and set him up. Also it's not fair that we couldn't hear what Cato said to Los that blew up the situation. Los was wrong! Los was tired of the owner he did work for calling Los saying your worker is calling and threatening me to picket my business (how crazy is that?). Los wanted to do work for this Company again in the future. I feel Cato provoked it and I hope the court of law agrees also to both wrongs committed. It was unfair how Los was exposed without the full truth and his family!! Whether the fight was over $60.00 or $90.00 which is the $30.00 difference Cato got in cash from the co. owner while working because he needed money I was told.Cato must have felt he didn't have to pay that back out of his earnings??? Who knows??? It was unfair to the family of Los. Cato should have took the money and no longer worked for Los after that.a SOFT ANSWER TURNS AWAY WRATH CATO MUST HAVE NOT WANTED TO TURN WRATH AWAY IN MY OPINION WHAT WAS HIS MOTIVE??
  • by Sue Location: N.AUGUSTA on Apr 26, 2007 at 11:21 AM
    yOU DON'T KNOW THE FULL STORY. LOS WAS WRONG FOR LOSING HIS TEMPER BUT mr cato had been haraassing the owner of the pool company they were contracted to do work for. A price had been agreed on $90.00 and all Los owed Cato was $60.00 because Cato came to work everyday needing Money and the owner of the pool company gave him $30.00 total over the two day's Cato had worked so all Los owed him was $60.00. Los was embarrassed by his employee calling the owner and threating to embarase him personally. Mr. Cato was suppose to meet Los to collect the $60.00 but told Los he didn't have any gas. He has worked for Los in the past and new how Los was(short tempered and strict) and I think he set Los up. Cato new how to push his buttons. I hope Los has proof of Cato's phone threats to the owner of the Pool Company!!!! Los felt comfortable with Cato they's worked together before(that's why he has a beer and he wasn't driving) he was tired of Cato calling the company that gave him work. It had embarassed Los. I also wonder what CATO said behind the glass that upset Los so bad!!! There is more to the story and you should report things correctly but it's news I understand. I pray true justice is served and Cato will drop this and Los will get Anger management!! The Victim mentality people seem to always win. They torment people quietly the best way to deal with them like Cato is leave them to their selves revenge is never the answer. Both parties were wrong! I bet Cato has sued other people before? It's like he new to video Los and wait to get behind the glass before talking???? Why didn't he just take the $60.00 sign the release and never work for Los again? ASK CATO THAT!!!! HE HAD A PLAN!!!
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