Drive-by shooting leads task force to suspected gang members

By: Stephanie Baker Email
By: Stephanie Baker Email

January 29, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---The Safe Streets Task Force arrested Kevin Evans and Jonathan Harrell in the 2500 block of Milledgeville Road just after midnight last night.

Investigators tell News 12 there's more to come. They think there's a third gunman on the loose.

The task force is out there looking for that person in full force, because it's their mission to get gang violence off the streets.

Gunshots rang out, leading the task force to loaded weapons, drugs, and eventually to the suspects. FBI agents say gang activity often brings danger like that into neighborhoods.

The shooting happened just down the street from business owner Damon Wright.

"It's not a great neighborhood...even my wife is worried when I get off late," Damon said.

Fbi agents say gang members clashed after a drug deal, and one side responded with revolvers.

The FBI says it all happened around a local barber shop. The owner tells us he was cutting a man's hair when the customer jumped out of his seat and ran outside. Then the owner says he heard gunfire.

FBI agent Ed Reinhold says it was drive-by gunfire from a group of gang members.

He says teaming up with local sheriff's departments in the Safe Streets Task Force helped them arrest the suspected gunmen a few hours later.

"It allows law enforcement to concentrate their efforts on the most violent individuals in these types of crimes," he said.

The task force found crack cocaine, a semiautomatic Glock, two revolvers, and a loaded magazine for an AK47 at Evans' home at Magnolia Park Apartments.

"If we can get them off the streets, it makes these neighborhoods safer for people to live in," Agent Reinhold said.

"That's good," Damon said. "They need to break up whoever is doing it."

The year-old task force has made more than a dozen gang-related arrests across the area this year.

Deputies aren't releasing the names of the victims in the shooting or whether they are also gang members. For now, we just know that no one was hurt.

The task force is still looking for a third gunman.

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