Only on 12: Paper carrier helps nab suspected rapist

By: Kate Tillotson Email
By: Kate Tillotson Email

January 19, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Early Monday morning, a newspaper carrier who we'll call "Kim" met a man she found suspicious.

Turns out, her instincts were right. That man went on to rape a 74-year-old woman in her Walton Way apartment.

"You know, I'm glad it wasn't me and I wish it wasn't her. I wish it wasn't anybody," Kim told News 12. "But I wish I had really said something that morning most of all."

Luckily Kim got a good look at the man, and her description helped build the basics for a sketch of his face.

It's a drawing that drew lots of attention.

That sketch led police to Michael Blocker, the man arrested and charged with the assault.

"The main thing I remembered about him is something was wrong with his eyes. And when I went to do the drawing I was trying to tell the lady I think he was kind of cock-eyed or something. Something's going on with his eyes."

Scared of what might happen if she's recognized, Kim says Blocker not only saw her that morning, but even said hello.

Kim was parked in front of the complex when she saw Blocker in front of the water fountain. She said she knew instantly that something wasn't quite right.

"Especially since it was really cold out there and the wind was blowing. Anybody got good sense would be inside the house, and he didn't look like somebody from that area."

So before Kim got out of her car to deliver three newspapers, she unlocked her doors just in case she'd need to get back in quickly.

Kim also says she saw the victim that morning, and even noticed she'd left her front door open.

A major mistake.

We asked Kim, "You say looking back, you wish you had done something differently. Do you have any regrets?"

"I always say to myself I wish I had said something," Kim responded. "It probably would have made a difference."

More than a week later, Kim has made some changes. She now travels with a stick her uncle gave her...although she wishes it was a gun.

It's a daily reminder of an image she helped construct, and one that continues to haunt her.

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office will use a forensic artist only once or twice a year. Investigators say artists must know how to draw, but also how to ask questions.

"And in a case like this where a witness saw a person for a few moments, and in the darkness at that, there's a lot that is dependent on the witness themselves," said Lt. Scott Peebles.

In Kim's case, she was satisfied when she saw Blocker's mug shot that he was in fact the man she saw.

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