Employee at North Augusta Zaxby's shot during robbery

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News 12 at 11 / Sunday, December 8, 2013

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WRDW) -- North Augusta Public Safety needs your help finding a pair of armed robbers who shot a Zaxby's employee and then robbed the store.

It happened at the restaurant on Knox Avenue around 11 Saturday night.

"All I know is I ran and I just kept running," said one Zaxby's employee.

He ran for his life after two men entered the Zaxby's on Knox Avenue with guns.

"Next thing I knew, one of them grabbed me, I guess because I was the closest one they could get to. He grabbed me from the back, and I couldn't see who it was because he had a mask on," he explained.

The employee, who would prefer to remain unnamed, was in the kitchen cleaning the floors, getting ready to close, when a normal night turned scary.

"I slipped and fell in the kitchen, and I got back up and I saw a red beam aimed at me. And I kept running," he said.

According to the report, video surveillance shows the first man was carrying a revolver with a red laser sight. The second brought in a rifle.

"I think it was a good thing that I ran because when I saw the police they knew something was up," he said.

He says he ran across the street to get help as one of the men fired a shot at him. While this employee narrowly got away, he says others weren't so lucky.

"Two more dudes tried to run, but one got shot and they grabbed the other one," he said.

The police report says one employee was shot in the leg. Now the search is on for the men who almost shot him.

"I hope they catch them," he said.

Investigators believe the robbers were driving a small yellow car with a Georgia license plate with the first two letters "BB."

If you've seen it or have any other information, contact North Augusta Public Safety.

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