Some would consider the female vote the most powerful in Augusta

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News 12 at 6 o'clock/ Wednesday, May 14, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Augusta-Richmond County has never had a female mayor; with two candidates in the race there's hope.

Based off 2012 election numbers, the number of registered female voters alone is enough to elect a candidate for the commission or mayor.

It's something all the female candidates for mayor need. "It is the females time and it is the females year," said Mayor Candidate Helen Blocker-Adams.

"The difference is more women have decided to step out into leadership roles," said Mayor Candidate Lori Myles.

It's something all the male candidates want.

"Alvin Mason will take his mother into the seat. Alvin Mason will take his big mama into the seat and Alvin Mason will take his daughters into the seat," said Mayor Candidate Alvin Mason.

"They're notable women who are doing amazing things in other political offices right now. There are women who are doing amazing things as home makers," said Mayor Candidate Hardie Davis.

In a News 12 forum, candidates running for mayor took time to appeal to women voters. They know female voters turned out in big numbers in the 2012 election in Richmond County. African American women were the biggest group with more than 27,000 showing up to the polls.

White women were next in line with 15,000 casting a ballot. If one single candidate was to carry all of the registered African American women and white women that candidate could easily win without a runoff. A candidate can not win just carrying the male vote in Richmond County.

Women we talked to are happy that more women are getting involved in politics.

"I'm so happy that women are getting into politics and i'm glad they are stepping up to the plate," salon owner Joanie Lamb said.

"Women have always been involved. It's the sign of the times. We are catching up," stylists Tametra Tracy said.

Tametra Tracey works as a stylist at Jazzy Hair Studio. Joanie Lamb owns her own beauty shop in Downtown Augusta.

"I want a leader that's able to see both sides of the coin and fight for the people. If that's a woman, then so be it," Tracy said.

"The right candidate is the most important thing. If you have the right person in office the road ahead will be smoother," Lamb said.

The two female candidates Lori Miles and Helen Blocker-Adams have already made history whether they win or lose. The consolidated government has never had two women on the ballot for mayor.

Blocker-Adams made history twice because she was the first African American woman to run for office. The next mayor could be wearing high heels and lipstick to the office, but she'll have to make it past three strong male contenders.

Watch the entire mayoral debate here.

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