Update: Walmart will reimburse woman, says no glitch with EBT system

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News 12 at 11 / Sunday, March 23, 2014

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Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) -- A Walmart rep confirms the store will refund the money a woman spent on items that should have been covered by her Food Stamps.

The store says the confusion came from the personal limit the woman wanted to charge on her EBT card. Walmart says there is no problem with their EBT system. Walmart says their customers are priority, so they will also give the customer an additional $50 gift card for her trouble. Read below for the full story.

A mother says she paid for items that should have been covered by her food stamps after a cashier told her the government no longer covers fruits and vegetables.

The Bobby Jones Walmart says that's just not true and blames the mix up on a possible computer glitch. News 12 spoke with the woman who now wants her money back, but she also wants the store to correct the issue because she says last month she had the same problem.

"They told me that it wasn't their issue. That I needed to call DFACS or the Food Stamp office and it was the government's problem," a response Cindy Cunningham told News 12 she wasn't happy about. A manager on duty denies they said that and a possible glitch may be to blame.

"I tried to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and some canned green beans--but they would not let me get it on Food Stamps," she said.

A federal website shows those items are eligible and while the manager says it may be a glitch, Cunningham says the glitch must just be at that Walmart.

"I bought the exact same things that I bought at the Walmart on Bobby Jones, and at the Walmart on Deans Bridge Road it went through with no problem," she said.

A long receipt shows what she bought at the Walmart on Bobby Jones and had to pay cash for, but another receipt shows the same items were covered by Food Stamps at the store on Deans Bridge Rd.

Walmart corporate says this is an unfortunate situation and they're working to find out what exactly happened. We asked News 12 viewers on Facebook if anyone has had the same issues at any other stores. Stephen Casler wrote, EBT wasn't working for him at Target and Azlee Mayes was short and to the point with a simple yes.

"You mean they will cover junk food, but won't cover fruits and vegetables," asked Pamela Wood.

Wood was with Cunningham when she tried to pay for the groceries on Bobby Jones and says it's silly that Oreo's could be paid for but not bananas. Walmart says they will get to bottom of this soon, but now the only thing Cunningham wants back is cash.

"I think they should reimburse me what I had to pay--not a gift card, but cash money because I had to pay cash money for it," she said.

Walmart corporate said they will take care of Cunningham. They aren't sure yet if they will do it in cash or with a gift card, but say all we be taken care of.

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