Woman barely escapes fire with her two children

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News12 / Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013


JACKSON, SC (WRDW) --"People don't realize you are not promised tomorrow and this is just an example," said Crystal Mayo.

Mayo visited what's left of her home after flames consumed it earlier this week.

"I don't think if I hadn't been woken up I would be standing here now," she told News 12.

Mayo says the family fell asleep while watching a movie and before she knew it-- she was fighting flames to save not only her life, but more importantly her kids.

"The paneling had already started peeling back. The wall was peeling back on fire. My daughter--the side of her pack in play was already starting to fire." she told News 12.

When they made it outside Mayo knew they were a bit safer, but didn't want to take any risks.

"Just out of instinct I threw the kids on the ground and covered them with my body," Mayo said.

Moments after the entire trailer blew up. Catching the cabin next door on fire. Her neighbor was still inside of it and almost lost his life if it wasn't for one man.

"I don't think that if Officer Mike Hess would have got here and acted the way he acted--to me in my eyes it was above and beyond a hero--that that man wouldn't be here," she said.

So, as she figures out what she will do next--she says one thing is for sure--a guardian angel is watching over her and the two kids.

"My faith in the Lord has always been strong, but now it's above and beyond," Mayo told News 12.

News 12 was able to connect Mayo with the Red Cross to help her through this tough time.

However, the community in Jackson has reached out too. One group gave her a donation to buy new car seats and a local grocery story is collecting money by placing a jar at check out lines.

Investigators say they will likely never know what started the fire due to the severe damage, but say it was not started on purpose.

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