Windsor man says storm crews are cutting down healthy trees

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Wednesday April 23, 2014

WINDSOR, S.C. (WRDW) -- One man living outside the town limits of Windsor is concerned about the type of “debris” that crews are cleaning up.

Stephen Lapan says that crews that are supposed to be cleaning up storm debris from February’s ice storm are instead going into people’s yards and taking down healthy trees.

“It was our job as the land owner to place them by the side of the road,” said Lapan. "They weren't coming to clear out trees, that was our job.”

He says that an oak tree, 20 feet on his own property was cut down over the weekend was perfectly healthy and had no issues from the ice.

“You want to think that they’re out there doing their job like they’re supposed to,” Lapan said.

It wasn’t just Lapan’s tree that was cut. He took News 12 through the area and showed us a number of tree stumps 10-20 feet away from the road that he says had no storm damage at all. Only adding to Lapan’s suspicions is that clean up crews are paid by the weight of each load.

“Every tree was a live oak,” Lapan said.“None of these trees were damaged and they were all up on people's property.”

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